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Landscape Lighting Replacement Parts- Keep Your Display Looking Brand New

So much work goes into designing and installing landscape lighting. We want to help you make sure all that work is easily maintained with a simple, one-stop shop for all the replacement lighting parts and accessories you may need. Shop the same top brands you trusted when you purchased your light fixtures for guaranteed quality and a perfect fit.

Reinders is here to supply you with everything you and your crew need, from the initial design through the life of your outdoor lighting systems. Keep those landscape lighting displays shining bright and working as perfectly as the first day they were installed.

FX Luminaire Replacement Parts Allow You to Repair and Upgrade Your Landscape Lighting

FX Luminaire takes great care in designing exceptional outdoor lighting fixtures that are practical with high-quality performance and aesthetically attractive to enhance the look of your landscape lighting systems. They know that good accent lights can add texture, contrast, and interest to your landscaping and have created lights that achieve all that and more. 

It’s because they care so much about the products they put out that they are also committed to offering top-quality replacement parts and kits to ensure you’ll get to enjoy their lights as long as possible. Lens caps, LED Replacement Kits, LED Wall Light Replacement Boards, and more will not only help you keep your fixtures in top shape but looking even better than when you initially installed them.

LED Replacement KitsLED Replacement Kits

FX- LED Replacement Kit and ZDC LED Replacement Kit

These FX LED Replacement Kits have everything you need to repair or upgrade your FX LED Boards. Whether you are accommodating plant growth, adding additional light, or want the latest FX LED technology, these kits have what you need to complete the job. If you’re looking for an exciting upgrade, any fixture using an FX 3LED, 6LED, or 9LED size board can be upgraded to ZDC color. The new Luxor ZDC has all the zoning and dimming capabilities of the Luxor ZD and adds in all the possibilities of color. ZDC offers 30,000 different color choices for unmatched ability to customize landscape lighting for any occasion, season, or mood. Imagine the limitless options you can offer clients with just a simple upgrade.

Be sure to check out our complete line-up of FX Luminaire accent lights for even more brilliant options to make all your landscape lighting stand out.

Replacement BoardsReplacement Boards

FX- LF Series 1 LED Z Replacement Board and LED ZD Replacement Board

The FX Luminaire Series 1 LED Wall Lights are beautifully and brilliantly crafted under-the-cap hardscape lights available in a wide range of finishes to match any outdoor area you may be working on. These lights have been specifically designed for easy LED servicing, allowing you to install your replacement board quickly and with no hassle at all. Available in both LED Z for regular zoning and LED ZD for zoning and dimming.

Stay True to Unique Fixtures with CAST Replacement Lighting Parts and Accessories

Lighting AssembliesLighting Assemblies

Cast Landscape lighting is known for their remarkable craftsmanship that blends art and engineering in every fixture they create. Their solid-bronze, low-voltage fixtures are durable and distinctive, making them stand out as beautiful additions to any landscape lighting design. Their pieces are made using a sand-casting, where molten bronze is poured to make each unique fixture. This attention to detail means it’s essential that the same care used in the initial design goes into the upkeep and repair of these items. Reinders offers Craftsman Series Quick-Change Spot Light Modules in various beam spreads and Craftsman Series Spot Light Stake, Wire, and Body Assemblies to help make your job maintaining these specialty light fixtures as easy as possible. Protect your clients’ investment and let them know you’ll be able to facilitate the repairs and keep their exceptional landscape lighting shining bright for years to come.

Looking to Revive an Old Area with a Fresh Landscape Lighting Design?

Is it time to switch out some of those old fixtures and give the outdoor lighting in the area a refreshed new look? Our Outdoor Lighting Products have just what you need to update your entire design with the latest technology and highest quality items. Browse through our impressive selection from the industry leaders and get some exciting inspiration for your next landscaping job. From accent lights and wash lights to path lights and more, we’re stocked and ready for all your illumination needs. Whether you’re working on an industrial, commercial, or residential design, you’re sure to find light fixtures that will make this install superior. A properly lit landscaping, deck, or patio can completely transform a space, and we’re here to help you fulfill your client’s needs, giving them that picture-perfect display they’ve been dreaming of.

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