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Find the Best Rotary Sprinkler Head Parts, Accessories and Replacement Parts

Looking for a rotary sprinkler spray head part, replacement part or accessory by Hunter, Rain Bird or Toro? Reinders has you covered with everything you need for sprinkler and irrigation system repairs.

Find everything from a flow and water pressure gauge to a part for an irrigation valve to a riser that can screw onto your lateral PVC water supply pipe.

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Get Rotor or Spray Head Accessories and Replacement Parts for Sprinklers. If you need rotary sprinkler head parts, equipment, tools or accessories, come explore our extensive selection of the industry’s best sprinkler repair parts! We only carry the best products, from top brands like Rain Bird, Toro and Hunter Industries!

Use this handy guide by category to find the product you’re looking for, from a water pressure and flow gauge to parts for nozzles, rotors and sprinkler valves. We also offer replacement screen filters, seals, caps and risers for connecting the lateral PVC pipes supplying water to your sprinkler spray heads. And we’ve got all the sprinkler body, drive, stator and check valve assemblies you need to make irrigation repair and servicing on your system faster and easier.

Looking for valve boxes? We’ve got those too!

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Heads or the parts in them need to be replaced on sprinklers if they are found to be damaged, leaking, or defective in any way during routine testing. Good-quality sprayer heads will last you anywhere between 10 to 15 years, while inexpensive ones will only be good for two or three years. Of course, it’s more inexpensive to repair or replace any damaged parts of the system, although once damaged, many parts are simply beyond repair or will continue to deteriorate.

Replacement screens

Filter screens or baskets are designed to keep irrigation systems free from debris such as sand, dirt, algae and other particles that can clog the sprinkler heads. Without this filtering, the system’s overall performance will suffer and leave you with dry plants and an unhappy customer.

Once considered a useful accessory for areas with particularly dirty or well water, screen or basket filters have become increasingly vital parts of irrigation and sprinkler systems. especially as more irrigation professionals use debris-prone reclaimed water supplies. Pressure compensating screens are also gaining popularity for their ability to prevent water waste and control spray nozzle fogging.

Be sure to check filter screens for damage during routine sprinkler head cleaning and make sure you have the replacement part on hand if needed.

Toro – Replacement Screen for Super 700 Lawn Sprinkler

Toro – Basket Screen for 300 Series Lawn Rotor, Plastic

Toro – Screen, Red Riser for 570 Series

Hunter – Inline Filter Screen with Check Valve

Rain Bird  Pressure Compensation Screen for 1800 series

Take control of your Rain Bird 1800 series system and prevent water waste with these under-the-nozzle pressure compensation screens, which help reduce pressure fluctuations. You can use them to control fogging of spray nozzles by reducing the incoming pressure or to reduce the radius of the water pattern.

*With a pressure compensator, outlet pressure will be reduced, but will fluctuate as the inlet pressure changes. A pressure compensator cannot maintain outlet pressure at a constant rate. A pressure regulator establishes and maintains a constant outlet pressure of 30 PSI as long as the inlet pressure at the sprayhead is greater than 30 PSI.

  • Available in the following flow rates: 0.2 GPM and 1.25 GPM
  • Nozzles can be matched with screens to create short-throw, reduced-radius patterns and/or flush-mounted bubblers
  • Use with all 1800 Series plastic nozzles (MPR, VAN, U-Series, Strips and Bubblers)
  • Easily installed in new and retrofit applications. Simply replace standard screen with PCS screen

Replacement seals

If water is leaking between the riser stem and the cap when the riser is completely up, it could be a bad riser seal. And because seals are one of the least expensive sprinkler system parts, replacement is the no-brainer choice over repair.

To check, turn on the sprinklers and inspect for leaks only when the riser is fully extended. If the riser doesn’t come up all the way, pull it up with your hand, and hold it there if it won’t stay by itself.

You need to check all the sprinkler heads, because if this part is making one near the irrigation zone valve leak, it can prevent a different sprinkler further from the valve from completely popping up.

Toro – Replacement Riser Seal for Super 700 Series Lawn and High-Pop Rotors

Toro – Replacement Nozzle Containment Seal for 640 Series

Toro – Replacement Seal, Nozzle to Spindle for 640 Series Rotor

Toro – Seal Replacement Kit for 640 Series Rotors

Toro – Seal, Riser for 300 Series Lawn Rotor

Toro – Nozzle Seal for 300 Series Shrub Rotor

Sprinkler nozzle parts

These parts usually need replacement after two years, depending on water quality and climate:

Toro – 640 Series Nozzle and Stator Assembly

Toro – Nozzle Top Assembly, 2001 Series

Toro – Nozzle Assembly with Blank Cap Plug for Lawn and Shrub Rotors

Toro – Nozzle Assembly with Blank Cap Plug for High-Pop Rotors

Available in the following options: #21, #22, #23, #63, #93

Sprinkler valve parts

Body, drive, stator and check valve assemblies

Sprinkler risers and adapters

Adding a riser to your sprinkler head setup can help you fine tune its positioning while preventing water waste. If existing risers are cracked, severely worn, or have misaligned threads, they need to be replaced in your system, not repaired. Just unscrew the old one from the lateral PVC pipe supplying water to the head and screw on the new one.

Toro – 6” Riser for 570 Series

Toro – 4" Riser for 570 Series

Toro – 850 -63 Riser ½" x ¾" x 2”

Toro – 18" Station Riser for Toro spray nozzles

Rain Bird – 6" Extension Pipe for 1800 Series

Plastic extension extends all Rain Bird spray head models an additional 6-1/2" in height.

  • UV-resistant thermoplastic construction for long life
    Fits all Rain Bird spray heads and nozzles (except bubblers)
  • Easily installed without any tools
  • Can be reinstalled without damaging the threads if accidentally knocked off
  • Maximum recommended number: two extensions per sprinkler

Rain Bird – Plastic Shrub Adapter

  • Adapts Rain Bird nozzles for use with 1/2" (15/21) MPT threaded risers
  • Accepts protective, non-clogging 1800 Series filter screen (shipped with nozzle) and PCS Series screens
  • Durable, non-corrosive plastic construction
  • Fine top threads accept all Rain Bird nozzles

Sprinkler rotor parts

Sprinkler caps

Sprinkler caps plug up the water and prevent it from being dispersed on your lawn or garden. So replacing broken or damaged ones will prevent water waste.

Toro – Cap Assembly for 640 Series Service

Toro – Replacement Cap for 300 Series Lawn Stream Rotor

Toro – Replacement Cap for 570 Series, Black

Sprinkler repair tools

The right tools and hardware can make replacing or repairing your sprinkler or irrigation management system a lot quicker and easier. We carry the following:

Toro – Water Pressure and Flow Gauge

Designed to measure pressure to 160 PSI and water flow to 13 GPM, this gauge helps you determine the water capacity and limitations affecting the performance of your system of irrigation. It measures flow through an outside faucet, not an indoor line.

Toro – Precision Series Rotating Nozzle Adjustment Tool, Bag of 20

  • Adjusts arc and radius

Rain Bird – Rotor screwdriver

Rain Bird – Spray head pull-up tool


Sometimes the smallest pieces make a huge difference! Here are a few that might make your irrigation or sprinkler system servicing easier.

Toro – Screw, #10 X 1”

Where used:

  • 2001 Series Toro Rotors
  • 264 Series Toro 3/4 & 1 irrigation valves
  • 254 Series Toro 1 valves
  • 250 Series Toro 1 valves

Rain Bird – Collar, Trip, Round Wire

Other sprinkler accessories and equipment

Here are some odds and ends you may not have thought of, but that just might make your job easier and your customer happier!

Rain Bird – 7005-8005 Sod Cup

Enhance the overall appearance of your course while eliminating potential rotor interference with Rain Bird Sod Cup Kit. Designed to allow turf growth directly on top of the head, the sod cup kit can be easily installed on existing Rain Bird 551, 700/751 and 702/752 Series valve-in-head golf sprinkler rotors to reduce their visibility for seamless turf presentation with improved playability.

Rain Bird – Solar Panel Bird Spikes 5W

Rain Bird – Solar Panel Bird Spikes 20W

Wire Ring Base FIPT Outlet X FHT Swivel

  • Temporary sprinkler positioning that’s portable and economical
  • Made of powder-coated steel for durability
  • Available in ¾" and ½”

15” Metal Roller Base, ¾" Hose, ¾" Male NPT

  • Accepts Male NPT Sprinkler
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