Timber Tote™: Why we think YOU should have one

Timber Tote was built out of love of nature, with the desire to share the outdoors with those all over the world. For use in the city, country, driveways and other venues. This is the wave of the future, we are changing the way campfires are enjoyed. The design is simple, user friendly and ultimately eco friendly. Our product comes ready to light with a handle for easy transportation. It will completely burn out and down to next to nothing with minimal cleanup. The perfect design for the perfect One Log Campfire! The Timber Tote product is certified by the USDA under strict heat-treating procedures. This allows Timbertotes to be transported into state parks and across state lines allowing the product to be burned anywhere.

Timber Tote is dedicated to sustainable harvest of our natural resources and only deals with logging companies that preform responsible forestry practices. By being a follower of Timber Tote you are helping to prevent the spread of non-native pests being spread from uncertified or untreated wood product across the country. The support of people like you will contribute to sustaining our natural ecosystem’s and prevent the spread of invasive species across the U.S.

Start Your Campfire in Minutes!
Enjoy 2-3 Hours of Steady Fire!
All Natural Kiln Dried
Diameter: 9"-10" Height: 11"-12"
Volumn: .55-.65 cu.ft.

Easy Lighting Instructions:

Remove and discard label. Locate and remove fire starter stick from inside log.
Set the log standing upright in a fire safe area. (Fire pit, fire ring, etc.)
Light one end of the fire starter stick amd drop lit stick down center hole of the log.
Face side hole away from wind.

lincolnsmith™ Firewood Bundles

Year-round Volume - Winter Fireplaces / Summer Campfires or Firepits

  • All hardwood selection of aspen, birch, oak and maple, provides longer burn time and great heat.
  • Completely dried
  • Cut and split into 14" pieces for convenient stacking on fireplace grates
  • Each bundle (.7 cubic feet) is neatly plastic wrapped
Lincoln Smith Firewood Bundles
  • Item# 11-0619
  • Pallet / 88
  • UPC 083702116194
Lincoln Smith Firewood
Bundles Kiln-Dried
  • Item# 12-0619
  • Pallet / 88
  • UPC 083702126193

Certified Kiln-Dried. USDA, APHIS, PPQ certified under all applicable federal or state cooperative domestic plant quarantines.