“Toro Master Parts Viewer Instructions”

One word of advice before you try to utilize this feature:

Be sure you have the model number and serial number for the piece of equipment you need to look up.

To access the Master Parts Viewer:

  1. Access the Toro home page at www.toro.com.
  2. Under “Customer Care” click the “look up parts” bullet.
  3. On the next page, on the right side under Master Parts Viewer, hit the “start Parts Viewer” button. As mentioned before, you will need your unit’s model and serial number. At this point, you can access “help” to show you where this information is located on the equipment if you do not know.
  4. The next screen asks for a model number. Enter it and hit the “search” button. (NOTE: the “View Model List” lists all model numbers with no descriptions.)
  5. Next, you will be asked to select from several serial number ranges. Also, you can select from “View Assembly Drawings” or “View Product Features.” To find parts select “View Assembly Drawings.” (“View Product Features” gives you the basic specifications for the unit.)
  6. From the “View Assembly Drawings” page, you will now have the opportunity to select an assembly drawing to look at or to “Find a Part.” To use the “Find a Part” feature, click on it and put in a description of the part you are looking for. You will then be given a selection of drawings to look at along with a part number and a brief description.
  7. Once you have selected an assembly drawing to view, you may want to click on “Parts Page Help.” This help page will show you several items including how to create a Parts Pick List you can later print. When you are on any parts page, you will notice a printer icon just above and to the left of the illustration. Clicking the icon will bring up a printable parts page including a header, the illustration, assembly name, and the parts list for that page. You can then print the page using your browser’s print and formatting utilities.
  8. By using Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, you can place your order via e-mail. Just click “Printer Friendly List,” then File, Send, Page by e-mail. Fill in the e-mail address partsdepartment@reinders.com; in the body please enter detail about your order such as: customer name, phone number, if you want the order shipped or you will pick it up, your purchase order number, etc.

You should now know the basics of navigating through the Toro “Master Parts Viewer.” Another word of advice: if you are looking for an item such as a deck on a Groundsmaster, you may not find it if you search under the model number for the traction unit. Any item that has its own model and serial number may need to be searched for under those numbers. This can be many of the items that can be purchased as options on a unit—such as decks, seats, reels, etc. Call (800) 785-3302 or (262) 786-3302 if you have any questions or problems with using this feature.