Valley View - Black Diamond Edging

  • (1) 20' Flat Strip
  • 4 Metal Stakes
  • 1 "C" Connector
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Valley View Edging - Black Diamond Leads the Industry with Consistent Quality

Trust the landscape industry’s highest quality edging to give your landscape design the perfect finished look. This tall innovative edging lasts longer and is sure to keep landscaping looking its best.

Valley View’s 50 years as an Established Brand Back Up this Top Edging Choice

Black Diamond is the industry leader. The “original” patented lawn edging from 1968, Black Diamond set the industry standard for quality. Valley View landscape edging has a plastic composition unmatched in the industry. Today, many landscapers, who are aware of lower-priced alternatives, remain loyal to the consistency of Black Diamond performance. This black landscape edging is the ultimate edging, 1/2" taller and 20% heavier than any other.

Installation Instructions:

Edging - Dig a 4.5-inch-deep trench along the lawn edge. Sink edging into the trench and secure edging with stakes as indicated. Use the provided connector when joining two lengths of edging together.

Stake - Sink stake through the fin every 5 feet at a 45-degree angle. The stake should not be installed higher than 2" above the lip. Sink stake through the plastic edging until the top of the stake is flush with the fin. Additional stakes are needed for tight curves and at the ends of the edging.

Guarantee - When installed according to our instructions, Valley View Industries provides a twenty-year guarantee against cracking, fading, or decomposing.

More About Valley View and Their Commitment to Innovative, Quality Products

The sustainability efforts of this company continue to solidify its edge when it comes to landscaping. For over 50 years, the Valley View name has established itself as the “brand name” in the edging category, whether professional-grade edgings used by contractors or decorative edgings used by consumers.

In the past 10 years, their innovation has offered the most diverse selection of decorative interlocking edgings to the next generation of no dig edgings. Most recently, they gained national and industry notoriety by supplying edgings from recycled tires.

Valley View Industries aims to be the industry leader in using recycled materials for the products they manufacture. Their sustainability efforts are reinforced during the research and development process of future products. Currently, they use millions and millions of pounds of recycled materials, which are derived from post-consumer and industrial uses.

The increased awareness among consumers regarding environmental issues has helped lead their directive in aiming for greater recycled content within their manufacturing.

The use of recycled materials is not solely limited to the content within the products they manufacture. They aim to source packaging that is sustainable while bringing their products to market.

Valley View Industries
Black Diamond
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