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Kill Weeds, Not Lawns with Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Herbicides

Weeds are an unfortunate yet unavoidable yard occupant that sprout up without fail. With a proper lawn care routine, effective products, and consistent upkeep, you can rid of these pesky plants once and for all.

Pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides have contrasting roles but ultimately work well together to effectively kill weeds and prevent future germination while saving your lawn.

Reinders carries an extensive inventory of reliable herbicides from some of the industry’s top-performing brands like BayerPBI-GordonBASFNufarmDow Agro, and Quali-Pro. With suitable weed control, you can uphold your landscaping’s integrity with attractive beauty and beneficial health.

How Pre-Emergent Herbicides Work Alongside Post-Emergent Herbicides to Ensure Weed-Free Lawns

Herbicides destroy unwanted plants and vegetation. The chemical formulations of herbicides do an excellent job of killing and preventing stubborn weeds without causing further damage or harm to the rest of your lawn or turf. There are two main types of herbicides to consider when searching for the right kind of weed control and prevention based on your needs.

Types of Herbicides

  • Selective Herbicides- Kills specific types of weeds while ensuring other plants remain unharmed.
  • Non-Selective Herbicides- Kills almost any plant, making it easy to clear areas for new gardens and planting.

The main types of herbicides can be broken down further into two categories of safe, effective weed control: pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides.

It’s helpful to distinguish between the two to better understand how they work together to kill unwanted weeds and prevent them from returning year after year.

  • Pre-Emergent Herbicides- By practicing pre-emergent weed control, you can prevent weeds from sprouting and popping up from underneath the ground. This particular herbicide kills weeds before the seed sprouts as temperatures begin to warm in early spring.
  • Post-Emergent Herbicides- A post-emergent herbicide kills weeds that have already sprouted.  This version of post-emergent weed control ensures that pesky plants will not spread and invade the rest of your grass. Spread a post-emergent anytime between the spring and fall months.

By exploring the various types of herbicides available to achieve a beautiful, weed-free lawn, you can make a well-informed choice to prevent harm and injury to other existing plants in your garden or landscape.

Other Label Terms to Understand

Contact (topical)- Weed killers that only kill the part of the plant that the herbicide touches, which is the exterior part above the ground.

Systemic- This herbicide absorbs into the plant, killing off the entire root system and all.

Liquid- Liquid pre-emergent or post-emergent weed killers require mixing with water and distributing it with sprayers to evenly coat areas with the concentrated mixture.

Granular- Solid granules of herbicides require a spreader and additional watering to allow the particles to spread and release into the soil.

After identifying the exact herbicide your business needs for proper pre-emergent or post-emergent weed control, it’s time to get shopping!

Find the Best Weed Killers and Weed Control Products at Reinders

Explore safe, effective products below from the top-performing industry brands you know and trust, like BayerPBI-GordonBASFNufarmDow Agro, and Quali-Pro.

Bayer Specticle Total Pre- and Post-Emergent Herbicide

This non-selective liquid herbicide achieves fast knockdown of existing weeds and grasses with visible results in just a few hours! You’ll cut back on cost and labor thanks to lengthy residual control and pre-mixed formulation. Kill and control weeds near landscaped trees and shrubs near curbs, sidewalks, streets, parking lots, park paths, and fence lines.

BASF FreeHand 1.75G Pre-Emergent Herbicide

For pre-emergent weed control of annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds, choose BASF’s FreeHand 1.75G herbicide blend. With two active ingredients, you can achieve broad-spectrum control over a wide range of plant species and use sites, including but not limited to commercial ornamental production, landscape and grounds maintenance, warm-season turfgrass, and Christmas tree plantations.

PBI-Gordon Trimec Classic Broadleaf Post-Emergent Herbicide

Control more than 90 broadleaf weeds with PBI-Gordon’s broadleaf herbicide formula. Versatile in both warm season and cold season turfgrasses, ornamental lawns, and golf courses, you won’t have to worry about harming other plants and grass species in your area when used appropriately.

Nufarm Millennium Ultra 2 Post-Emergent Herbicide

Control even the most challenging broadleaf weeds and hardest-to-kill plants with this premium post-emergent weed killer. An innovative formulation “melts” unwanted occupants out of the turf and grass with rapid response and maximum performance. Use on golf courses, cemeteries, non-crop areas, sod farms, non-residential lawns, and athletic fields throughout the growing season.

Dow Gallery SC Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Dow’s liquid pre-emergent provides season-long control of over 95 broadleaf weeds! Kill the source before it sprouts without harming other plants during both warm and cool growth seasons on turfgrasses, golf courses, landscape ornamentals, and Christmas trees. This versatile herbicide reduces costly hand-weeding and reduces the need for re-treatment throughout the growing season.

Quali-Pro SedgeMaster Post-Emergent Herbicide

If you’re searching for a selective, granular option of post-emergent weed control, Quali-Pro’s SedgeMaster Herbicide is the right choice. It is specifically designed to kill nutsedge and provide broadleaf weed control without injuring or destroying other ornamentals or turfgrasses. This herbicide concentrate gets absorbed quickly into the leaf tissue and travels throughout the entire vascular system to halt weed cell division and growth— thus, causing target plants’ death.

There are plenty more pre-and post-emergent herbicides to browse through to kill off weeds, protect your beautiful plants, and ensure the safety and health of your land.

You’re sure to find a suitable option in Reinders’s inventory to add to your arsenal of turf and landscaping chemical products.

Our team of experts is ready and able to assist you in the best way we can, guaranteeing you receive fantastic service alongside our premium products! Contact us today for product recommendations, herbicide tips, or to answer any other related inquires.

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