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Control Diseases in Turf and Lawns with Effective Granular Fungicide

Does your once-luscious grass appear thin and patchy? Has the brilliant, green color turf grown a bit tired and dull? Fungal diseases are probably affecting your lawn and turf!

By controlling and preventing the fungus growing outdoors, you can ensure healthy, well-maintained landscaping for a professional appearance and playability.

Granular fungicides work by killing, preventing, and controlling common outdoor fungal diseases among grass, turf, and landscaping. Eliminating the fungus not only upholds the integrity of your lawn, but also makes sure that the disease does not spread to other plants throughout the lot.

Choose reliable, effective granular fungicide for turf and lawns from Reinders, where you’ll find result-driven products from the landscaping industry’s top-leading brands!

The Right Granular Fungicide Promotes Shrub, Flower, and Ornamental Tree Health

Help shrubs, flowers, and ornamentals recover from disease by incorporating fungicide into your lawn care routine. Common diseases are no match for granular formulas that reside among the soil and offer long-lasting protection  and health benefits for grass and plants.

For proper disease control, it’s essential to recognize the different qualities of fungicides to make the most informed choice based on your needs.

There are a variety of granular fungicides for shrubs, flowers, and ornamental trees, so let’s take a look below at the common characteristics that you can expect to see when deciding upon a suitable fungicide.

  • Preventative-Preventative fungicides protect plants from disease infection. With the application of a preventative fungicide, plants and grass are much more capable of fending off fungal diseases and infections. This type of fungicide also prevents the fungi from returning.
  • Curative- To slow and stop the damaging spread of infection, choose a curative fungicide. Curative granular fungicides significantly slow the spread of disease, thus eliminating the chance of more potential damage.
  • Systemic- Kill fungi and protect against its return by using a systemic fungicide that absorbs into the plant upon contact. Systemic fungicides can move from the tip of the leaf to the base or spread up and throughout the plant, starting from the roots.
  • Contact- As the name implies, contact fungicide works on the surface of the plant instead of being absorbed within. This type of fungicide creates a protective barrier on the plant’s exterior that requires re-application as the plant continues to grow.
  • Narrow-Spectrum- Treat, control, and prevent very specific types of fungi with a narrow-spectrum fungicide.
  • Broad-Spectrum- With a broad-spectrum granular fungicide, you’re able to treat a much wider variety of fungi and common turf and lawn diseases.

Now that you’ve distinguished the differences between the most standard types of fungicides, it’s time to get shopping for the best kind to promote lawn and turf health and longevity!

Shop the Best Granular Fungicides at Reinders

With reputable products that deliver long-lasting results, you’re sure to find the right granular fungicide for your turf and lawn care routine. Discover a few (among many) of our effective fungicides below!

Andersons Fungicide VII

Knock down dollar spots quickly and effectively with Andersons’s Fungicide VII. With fast-acting, sustained disease control through root and foliage uptake and outstanding greening, this granular fungicide reduces susceptibility to maintenance and weather conditions and minimizes mower pickup.

Andersons Prophesy DG Pro Fungicide

Treat a long list of turf and lawn diseases with Andersons’s Prophesy Fungicide blend with Dispersing Granule Technology. With broad-spectrum and systemic disease control, you can ensure rapid and efficient particle breakdown and precise nutrient delivery through the turf canopy into the root zone.

Syngenta Headway G Fungicide

Convenient, lightweight granules make it exceptionally easy to spread this fungicide formula over more expansive areas— all it takes is minimal watering or a heavy rain dew. The broad-spectrum control is excellent for root uptake and leaf intake. Plus, two action modes combat disease and protect turfs from a wide range of diseases. Golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, and athletic fields are sure to look brilliantly green and thriving.

Quali-Pro Strobe Pro G Fungicide

Two broad-spectrum fungicides combine to deliver fungal disease protection for golf courses, residential and commercial buildings, recreational areas, and athletic fields. Foliar, stem, and root diseases are no match for this granular fungicide’s preventative and curative properties.

BASF Pillar G Intrinsic Brand Fungicide

This granular carrier combines two effective, active ingredients to deliver fungal control on various familiar turf and lawn diseases. With a dense yet uniform granule size, active ingredients can move quickly and efficiently through the soil after irrigation or precipitation to offer high-quality plant health benefits. Use sites include turfgrasses, golf courses, parks, sports fields, and commercial or residential lawns.

Discover more fungicide products above for healthy, green landscaping that wards off fungal diseases. Reinders’s inventory of granular fungicide for shrubs, flowers, ornamental trees is sure to achieve professional results in cost- and time-effective ways.

For knowledgeable chemical product recommendations and fungicide tips and tricks, contact our team of experts to receive superb service alongside our best-selling products!

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