Sports Field Accessories

Welcome Spring Training with The Proper Baseball Pitching Screens, Baseball Bases, and Field Drags

When temperatures start to warm up, it could mean a few things— one of our favorites being the return of baseball season.

Make your baseball season field prep both hassle and headache-free with the best sports field accessories to give your beam clay and ballfield dirt a professional look and feel. Reinders has your spring sports covered with an array of baseball pitching screens, bases and pitching rubbers, field drags, and hand tools.

Our Selection of Field Accessories Knock the Competitors Out of The Park

It’s never been easier to shop for the perfect baseball and softball field maintenance and lining equipment that you need.

Reinders offers high-quality baseball pitching screens, baseball bases, field drags, and baseball and softball tarps to get you ready for spring training and America’s National Pastime.

Browse through a range of innovative and reputable products to help keep your infield and outfield in peak condition throughout your baseball, softball, or little league season. We’ll help you get started!

This Season’s Must-Have Baseball Equipment & Accessories


Baseball Bases, Pitching Rubbers, and Plates
Baseball, softball, little league— no matter what level of play, you’ll find the exact bases, pitching rubbers, and plates that you need for proper gameplay. With maximum strength rubber construction and non-skid surfaces, all pieces of equipment from bases without anchors to Pro style bases to official sized pitching rubbers are sure to withstand the entirety of your season and beyond.


Baseball Pitching Screens
Pitching screens keep you, your players, and your staff members safe in indoor and outdoor environments. Baseball pitching screens are easily portable and convenient for single-person functioning, available in different sizes and shape to offer versatility. Practices remain safe, and all team members stay protected— what more could you need?


Baseball Field Drags
It’s crucial to keep your infield and outfield in peak condition all season long and using proper field drags is an efficient way to do so. Our selection of heavy-duty field drags work for your baselines and even in instances when the field is wet for both baseball and softball, providing an even, professional finish. Be sure to drag at a steady pace to prevent uneven dirt deposits throughout your field!

Field Hand Tools
The right hand tools prepare the field’s surface for play, resulting in a smooth, finished look and feel. Grooming your baseball and softball fields requires effort and patience, but we make the process a bit easier with our selection of reliable and heavy-duty tools. Shop from professional-grade hand rakes, tamps, sod cutters, and squeegees to handle all of your grooming and maintenance needs with ease. You can sift, grade, seed, and stamp with minimal time and effort.

Lining Equipment

Baseball Lining Equipment
Layout tools and lining equipment makes light work of marking lines, lining up boxes and home plate, and anchoring in bases. You’ll be able to ensure the batter’s box is lined correctly, the mound slope is correct and consistent, and the field lines are straight by shopping our inclusive range of supplies. Don’t forget the professional-grade field markers and aerosol paint to create clean, crisp lines that look as beautiful as those in the big league!

field Protectors

Field Protectors
Keeping your field and turfgrass in tip-top shape is our specialty with our selection of protectors. Durable and lightweight, these protectors are designed by professional coaches, made just for your baseball, softball, or little league players. Conveniently practice indoors or outdoors without stepping foot on the field, thanks to the protectors’ versatility.


Baseball and Softball Field Tarps
Tarps offer the ultimate protection from the elements, so make sure you have a reliable option in your arsenal. Our mound/plate covers are heat-sealed and hemmed, making them completely waterproof, and are simple to maintain, put on the field, and store. Add another layer of protection with heavy-duty tarp stakes and sandbags designed for use on full infield covers, mound, Homeplate, and bullpen tarps.

Reinders is your one-stop-shop for the proper maintenance, grooming equipment, and accessories for all levels of springtime sports.  Create a clean, polished look for your players to feel their best when playing on, thanks to the best baseball lining equipment and field accessories in the game. From baseball pitching screens and protects for practice time to leveled pitching mounds and secure home plates for game time, you’ll hit a home run with your findings.

Our industry experts are ready to assist you with any product recommendations or field maintenance tips to make your field professional-level worthy. Contact us today!