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Spread Smarter, Not Harder, With Our Top-Performing Professional Seed Spreaders

The right commercial lawn spreader can help you boost your efficiency, productivity and revenue from jobs. A more reliable seed or fertilizer spreader can even help with employee retention! From the leading broadcast push spreader for more consistent application to the best drop spreader for more precision in small spaces, we’re sure to have the premium quality and cutting-edge technology you need.

Explore all of Reinders’ time-tested, reputable brands, including PrizelawnSpykerLelyAndersons and Earthway. Our handpicked selection of commercial seed and fertilizer spreaders offer the crucial features your technicians depend on, such as pneumatic wheels to protect turf to that large-capacity hopper for big jobs and heavy-duty construction for longevity. Low output trays with clumping controls make your job even easier when it comes to applying grass seed or fertilizer.

Explore Our Commercial Seed Spreading Options Offering Comfort, Consistency and Control

Choosing the best commercial seed spreader is crucial for your green industry business, whether you’re looking to cover a sports field, icy sidewalk or small area with lots of edging on a homeowner’s lawn. The smartest models cut spending and boost customer satisfaction with more accurate, uniform applications of lawn care products.  They also offer sturdy, heavy-duty construction plus smooth mobility and gentleness on turf.
Whether you’re in need of commercial seed spreaders that are equipped with more heavy-duty features for longevity and durability, a tow-behind spreader that will more efficiently cover a 5,000 sq. ft. area or a drop spreader model that helps you better control output flow for home improvement jobs, Reinders has what you’re looking for. Check your local store for more!

Spyker – Ergo-Pro 80 LB Spreader with Powder Coated Frame

Spyker’s new line of broadcast spreaders give you more comfort and control, and many pros are calling this model the industry’s most ergonomic commercial seed spreader yet. Boasting the industry’s first ergonomically-approved handles, this model can also be comfortably operated by anyone measuring between 5 feet, 3 inches and 6 feet, 6 inches tall.

This professional seed spreader line has been championed in reviews for the consistent pattern it throws, thanks to a one-hole opening that prevents clumping better than the typical three-hole openings you’ll find on many commercial lawn spreaders. Its simple adjustment settings also allow for more application control. The Ergo-Pro 80 is also easy to assemble and the new design of the legs allows it to be placed on that rear-facing rack many lawn care companies now have on their vehicles.

Other features of note:

  • Powder-coated frame
  • All-welded, impact-resistant frame
  • Fully enclosed metal gears
  • Hopper cover

Reinders also offers the Spyker Ergo-Pro with a 50 lb. capacity hopper.

Andersons – Model 2000 SR Pro Rotary Spreader

This commercial-grade spreader is known for its helical cone technology, which provides one of the most uniform, consistent spread patterns.
Here’s how it works: As fertilizer passes through the hopper and onto the helical cone located on top of the impeller, it’s easily spread onto the impeller’s surface. Adjusting the spreader’s helical cone will adjust the placement of any lawn care product on the impeller, allowing for the fertilizer particle’s specific size and density to be accounted for in the spread pattern. Larger and heavier granules stay closer to the center of the impeller - smaller and lighter granules move closer to the outer edge.

Pros also like the smooth handling, lift handles in the front and back for easier loading and unloading, the extended handle with turf-foam grips for added comfort and the standard port shut-off control for even greater application efficiency.

Other great features on this stainless-steel rotary spreader include:

  • A heavy-duty, stainless-steel frame for long life
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires 
  • A right-side deflector shield for edge applications and a hopper cover 
  • An enclosed gear box for resisting corrosion

Plus, all Andersons professional-grade lawn spreader units come with a lifetime limited gear warranty, including another great model by this brand - the Andersons 36-inch SS-2 Drop Spreader.

Prizelawn Bigfoot HVO High-Output Spreader – 100 lbs

If you’re looking for the best push spreader for handling high-volume applications, we highly recommend this unit. Its 100 lb. capacity hopper lets you cover more ground with more control and fewer refills. The unique hinged plate in its hopper also lets you easily convert from fertilizer application to high-rate, non-fertilizer products like mulch, ice melt, rock salt, topdressing sand and limestone.

Unique fingertip controls, meanwhile, allow for “on-the-go” application of a third port and optional side deflector.

Other features include:

  • 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • Stainless steel axle and frame with ergonomic handle
  • Spring loaded on/off
  • Adjustable rate setting/pattern control
  • Hopper cover

If you don’t need the high-volume output but are still looking for a large hopper capacity, check out the Prizelawn Bigfoot BF1 Spreader – 100 LB. Like the Prizelawn brand but need a smaller hopper? Try the Prizelawn Commercial Broadcast Spreader – 70 LB (also comes in Stainless Steel) or the Prizelawn Mid Pro Rotary II Spreader – 70 LB.

Lely WFR Tow-Behind Spreader

When you need the Big Daddy for spreading lawn and landscaping products on a towable trailer, look no further than the Lely WFR. With a hopper capacity of 800 lbs., this W broadcast spreader can be used for topdressing sand, ice melt, or rock salt. It also packs a lot of power, with the same patented ejector disk technology as all Lely’s other power-take-off units.

Power doesn’t mean lack of control or stability, though. Thanks to a special wheel drive system, tires drive independently for uniform application – even on turns! A forward speed of 4.5 mph, meanwhile, offers an effective spreading width of up to 52 feet. The land wheels are also fitted with lawn flotation tires.
Lely spreaders are known for their accuracy. A special feed ring precisely meters any material, regardless of shape and density, making the system unrivaled in consistently spreading material to the center or side. 
The Lely WFR also offers remote rope feed control and side spreading adjustment is standard.

Earthway – F Series Spreaders Low-Output Tray Kit

Add-ons like this are true lifesavers when it comes to low application-rate products like grass seed or other fine materials. Talk about a one-pass, even application!

This kit also allows you to keep poor-flowing materials flowing with stainless-steel, vertical "lip-edge" oscillating agitators that break up the material at the edge of the drop holes. And even better, the agitating pins are replaceable.

Earthway also offers an F Series Spreaders Standard Output Tray Kit.

Other favorites from Earthway include:

Earthway - 3100 Professional Handcrank Broadcast Spreader

The 3100 Professional Hand Crank spreader, with its 40 lb. hopper capacity, is your ideal broadcast spreader when you need to spread granular material in wet areas, over uneven terrain, or in places a push spreader can’t go. With the EV-N-SPRED® PRO Dual Port Adjustable Shut-Off System, the user can infinitely balance the spread pattern based on material size, weight, and flight characteristics. And with the super-duty high-speed gearbox, spread widths of 15 feet are common.

The epoxy powder-coated, tubular steel chassis comes with an integrated stand and comfortable carrying straps. When you need a handheld spreader, the 3100 is a perfect choice!

Earthway – 2750 Nylon Bag Spreader

Need a smaller handheld spreader? How about a shoulder bag model? We love this one – also from Earthway – with its 20 lb. hopper capacity. Its zipper-top, rustproof, nylon construction allows the bag to remain upright when filling but collapse for easy storage.

Other ideal features include:

  • Contoured molded base
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Rocking agitator
  • Spring loaded shut-off
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