Syngenta - Heritage WDG Fungicide

  • Controls a broad spectrum of more than 20 turfgrass diseases
  • Absorbed through the leaf blade or stem and is taken up by the root system
  • Translocates upward (acropetally) and is uniformly distributed
  • Allows for extended application intervals up to 28 days
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Control Some of the Toughest Turf Diseases with the Preventive Properties of Heritage Fungicide

Say goodbye to unwanted, unsightly plant disease and say hello to broad-spectrum control with Heritage fungicide. Heritage fungicide label kills and prevents fungi growth and spore growth by damaging the fungal cell membrane to ensure they don’t return.

Syngenta’s Heritage Protects Plants Inside and Out & Improves Turf Quality

Heritage fungicide from Syngenta uses its preventive and curative properties to provide systemic control of challenging turf diseases. It’s formulated to defend against soilborne (plant diseases caused by pathogens inoculating host via soil, like zoysia patch) and foliar (plant diseases caused by pathogens inoculating host via leaves, like blight leaf) diseases. With Heritage, there are no more worries of gray leaf spots or powdery mildew. Healthy, green turf grass is only a few sprays away.

28 Day Coverage & Control

Heritage uses a unique strobilurin that absorbs into plant leaves and sheaths, also moving from the soil into the roots. From there, it translocates up throughout the entire blade. This translocation provides control of many turf diseases for up to 28 days!

With Heritage fungicide label, you can ensure control at every stage of the pathogen’s life cycle, no matter if it’s soilborne or foliar-based. It also inhibits fungal spores from germinating, preventing many fungal diseases before they get the chance to occur or remain active after infection.

Heritage’s Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in Heritage is Azoxystrobin, which is absorbed through the leaf blade or stem and is then taken up by the root system. The extruded active ingredient, from the plant, is washed down and then recycled back into the plant by root uptake. With acropetal translocation and uniform distribution, you can ensure coverage of over 20 turfgrass diseases!

Systemic Fungicide Formula for Total Preventative Control

Heritage is a systemic fungicide based on its novel mode of action explained above. A systemic fungicide, similar to an herbicide, is absorbed and moved through the plant’s system— the main goal being to kill the entire plant from the inside out. This systemic functioning gives you total preventive control for extended intervals! Thus, improving overall turf quality.

Diseases Controlled with Heritage

Because Heritage is a broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide, it is designed to kill a large variety of turfgrass diseases and fungal types— more than 20!

  • Anthracnose
  • Brown Patch
  • Pythium Blight
  • Snow Molds
  • Summer Patch
  • Rust
  • Pythium
  • Necrotic Ring Spot
  • Take-All Patch
  • See label for a complete list

Now, you can control troublesome turfgrass diseases and pathogens in their most important germination phase and throughout every stage of their life cycle. What’s more, Heritage may also be used during overseeding of dormant turfgrass.

Where to Use Heritage

Golf course superintendents, contractors, and landscapers alike love the flexible application and proven efficacy of Syngenta’s Heritage fungicide. Take a look at a short list of application sites where Heritage would provide perfect disease control.

  • Golf Courses
  • Residential and Commercial Lawns
  • Recreational Areas
  • Athletic Fields
  • See label for a complete list

Sprayable Fungicide Formulation for Flexible Application

Liquid or sprayable fungicide formulations, like Heritage, offer convenience and application flexibility. By spraying the plant before or after it is exposed to a pathogen, you can ensure that Heritage fungicide will work as a protectant to stop the spread of disease.

Spraying Heritage fungicide liquid at the correct times is crucial for preventing and limiting disease and fungi from returning and invading the rest of your turf grasses and landscaping.

Some spray basics for Heritage fungicide include the following:

  • Applying the correct volume of spray solution in a given area- it is essential to spray enough solution to penetrate plant canopies, lower leaves, and underside of plant leaves.
  • Using the correct type of nozzle- choose a nozzle that creates uniform droplet placement and size for maximum coverage.
  • Ensuring a solid spray pressure- lower pressure produces large droplets which sometimes have difficulty penetrating plant canopies, whereas higher pressure creates smaller droplets which allows better coating of plant parts.

These three spray basics are essential for making the proper spray pattern to get the best results from your fungicide application.

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Discover More from Syngenta

Globally, Syngenta is a leading agriculture company striving to improve the way farmers use available resources. With their collaborative and trusted team, they are changing the agriculture industry for the better— enhancing seed and crop protection and enabling food resources to feed the world safely.

Syngenta’s Turf & Landscape sector plays to the same strengths of seed and crop protection but uses it to develop innovative solutions for turf care. With a breadth of coverage and proven performance from their product portfolio, Syngenta Crop Protection works hard and works well when it comes to protecting turf, no matter the species or season.

The Reinders Difference

At Reinders, we make it simple for you to improve your productivity with irrigation supplies from the industry’s top leading brands.

Our team of industry experts and our panel of professional vendors understand your daily challenges, and we are here to provide solutions to all of your needs. Quality products aren’t enough— you get the unparalleled customer service our second-to-none staff offers. 

Whether that starts with Heritage fungicide or other turf and landscaping sprayable fungicides, we’re here to help you achieve healthy, disease-free turf grasses and beautiful landscaping land while saving you time, energy, and money.

For product recommendations, sprayable fungicide application tips, or to answer any other related inquiry, contact us today!

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