Quali-Pro - Mefenoxam 2 AQ Fungicide

  • Effective against Pythium, Phytophthora, Yellow Tuft, and Downy Mildew
  • Water-based formulation features low odor
  • Systemic action can provide up to 3 weeks protection
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Mefenoxam 2 AQ is the Turf and Landscape Fungicide that Can Handle the Tough Work

Mefenoxam 2 AQ Fungicide is formulated to provide systemic control of root and stem diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora spp., and foliar diseases such as downy mildew. Mefenoxam fungicide makes an excellent tank-mix partner with most other fungicides.

Get the Dependable Fighter Whether You Maintain Cool- or Warm-Season Grasses

Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ is an aqueous flowable systemic fungicide for use on selected turf, nursery, and ornamental crops to control certain diseases caused by members of the Oomycete class of fungi. Other fungicides must be used to control diseases incited by different classes of fungi. Water-based formulation features low odor. Systemic mode of action and translocation through the plant can provide up to 3 weeks protection. It can be combined with Quali-Pro’s Chlorothalonil for added brown patch control during stressful summer decline months.

Active Ingredient: Mefenoxam

Use Sites:

  • Golf Courses
  • Turfgrass (Warm-Season and Cool-Season)
  • Residential and Commercial Sites
  • Athletic Fields
  • Ornamentals
  • See Mefenoxam label for complete list


  • Downy Mildew
  • Pythium
  • Phytophthora
  • Yellow Tuft
  • See Mefenoxam label for complete list


Quali-Pro Mefenoxam fungicide may be applied through traditional spray equipment or irrigation systems such as a soil drench, soil surface (broadcast or banded), or as a stem and foliar spray. Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ may also be incorporated into a pre-potting growing media for subsequent seeding or transplanting of ornamentals.

Application through irrigation systems: Quali-Pro Mefenoxam fungicide alone or with other pesticides registered for application through irrigation systems may be applied through irrigation systems. Apply this product only through center pivot, solid set, hand move, moving wheel, micro-sprinkler, pressurized drench (flood) or drip (trickle), micro-irrigation such as spaghetti tube or individual tube irrigation, calibrated hand-held irrigation equipment such as the hand-held wand with injector, calibrated overhead watering booms, ebb and flow or bench flooding sub or drip irrigation systems. Do not apply this product through any other type of irrigation system. Crop injury, lack of effectiveness, or illegal pesticide residues in the crop can result from non-uniform distribution of treated water. Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ should be diluted with water on a 1/10 basis before injection into an irrigation system. Proper tank-mix agitation is required during this mixing procedure.

Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ must be applied on the schedule specified in the specific crop use sections, not according to the irrigation schedule.

Soil Surface Applications: Apply 0.61 to 1.23 GAL of Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ per acre in a minimum of 50 GAL of water as a directed soil spray. Avoid application to the foliage. Applications should be made in early spring before growth starts and in the fall before the ground freezes. If applications are banded, calculate the amount of Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ needed for a banded treatment by using the formula in the APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS section of the label.

Foliar Applications: For foliar Phytophthora (including Phytophthora ramorum), apply 0.98 to 1.96 FL OZ/100 gals of water and apply to runoff.

Resistance Management: Apply only one (1) foliar application of Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ before alternating with a non- Group 4 fungicide for sequential foliar applications.

For best results, 1/2" irrigation or rainfall is required within 24 hours after application.
See Mefenoxam label for complete application instructions.


Do not apply this product when wind speed favors drift beyond the area that is intended for treatment.
See Mefenoxam fungicide label for complete restrictions


To minimize the potential for insensitivity-

  • Make no more than 3 applications per season of any product in which the Quali-Pro Mefenoxam 2 AQ active ingredient is applied alone.
  • Apply an alternate EPA-registered fungicide for Pythium control at least once during the season.
Rain Sensitivity
48 HRS
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