FX - VL Series 20W Incandescent Downlight - Copper

FX - VL Series 20W Incandescent Downlight - Copper
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FX - VL Series 20W Incandescent Downlight - Copper

SKU: VL-20
  • Hangs from host tree by a cinch tie - no screws or permanent hardware
  • Small brass hook included for beam mount
  • Milled from heavy copper
  • Elegant moonlight effect

When a moonlighting effect is desired, specify the VL. This micro down light actually hangs from the host tree by a cinch tie requiring no screws or permanent hardware. A small brass hook is also included for beam mounted applications. Milled from heavy copper and solid brass hardware, the VL incorporates a long life halogen lamp with an integral frosted lens. An elegant moonlight effect is produced when an evening breeze gently swings the VL, making foliage shadow patterns dance on the ground below.

Higher power than its brother the LS, the VL is compact yet delivers a dramatic visual impact. It is great for hanging over garden sculptures, carved stone water pools, or natural elements of interest. The VL achieves elegant lighting while never calling attention to the source, allowing nature and lighting to work in perfect harmony. The VL uses the same lamp as the CL, TC, and TS, allowing a mix of fixture types to suit mounting needs, while maintaining consistent light quality.

  • Finish: Copper
  • Natural finish
  • AR-11 Lamp
  • 20 Watt