Twinkly Pro - 2 Port WiFi Controller

Twinkly Pro - 2 Port WiFi Controller
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Twinkly Pro - 2 Port WiFi Controller

  • Suitable for installation in private spaces
  • Connects the lights to the mobile app through the local Wi-Fi network
  • Manage up to 400 LEDs (200 LEDs per port)

Suitable for RGB installations in private spaces this is the smaller and smarter controller in the Twinkly PRO collection. It connects the lights to the mobile app through its own wireless network and enables you to manage up to 400 5mm RGB LEDs in 2 separate lines. If more lights are desired, multiple controllers can be connected to an existing wireless network/router. You can group or combine multiple controllers via the App up through the Wi-Fi connection – up to 10 controllers to manage and remote control up a maximum 4,000 LEDs.


  • 2 Port - Connect up to 2 lights strings
  • Visual Mapping Technology – apply effects to any light layout
  • 5mm RGB Led – thousands of color options in a familiar 5mm form factor
  • Wi-Fi connection - Wi-Fi connection between controllers and the mobile app
  • IP65 Rated - Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations

Instant Setup

Install your Twinkly PRO and instantly start to manage them from your mobile app.

Remote Control - Thanks to the Twinkly mobile app it is possible to manage and control the Twinkly PRO lights in no time.

Quick Configuration - Pairing the controller to your smartphone will take a few seconds thanks to the interactive guided procedure.

Visual Mapping

Unique and patented process allows Twinkly Pro to utilize your tablet or smartphone’s camera to map the random location of every bulb in your system. From there the software applies the effects to the map. The result is order from chaos, clean well-defined lines and simple patterns from randomly placed lights.

Group Controllers Wirelessly

Manage more controllers at the same time. Twinkly PRO lights can be grouped to be managed and controlled together.

Join and Sync type of group could be created on your Twinkly app to scale up the number of LEDs available or to manage synced objects.

Join Group - The Join option is perfect to increase the number of RGB LEDs controlled as one unit. This gives you the option of adding multiple controllers by visually mapping them as a single object.

Sync Group - The sync group type is perfect to apply the same effects on two or more Twinkly PRO on the same network. This grouping option is designed for managing multiple products together and keep them in sync. Grouping is made through the app and virtual connection between controllers. No cable/physical connection is required.

Voice control Twinkly - Alexa and Google Assistant interfaces

Twinkly Pro comes with Alexa skills and Google Assistant actions available for single and grouped controllers, to make your final user able to enjoy vocal commands from their favorite device.