Mitchell - TriCure AD Surfactant
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Mitchell - TriCure AD Surfactant

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  • Prevention and curative for Localized Dry Spots
  • Treatment of soil organic matter
  • Reduced water usage
  • Treatment of full soil profile — not limited to a single depth or zone
  • Single product for all turf applications
  • Fast soil dry-down on soil surfaces
  • Use with fungicides for Fairy Ring control
  • Alternative to irrigation surfactants
  • The lowest and most flexible usage rates
  • Non-phytotoxic
  • Available in fast dissolving pellets and granular form

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TriCure AD is an advanced soil surfactant designed to prevent and control hydrophobic soil conditions while maintaining optimum soil-water management. Unique soil treatment capabilities make TriCure AD the most effective multi-use soil surfactant available for treatment on the widest range of soil types and turf applications.
TriCure AD works by attaching to both soil and organic particles, reducing the surface tension of water, and attracting a thin film of water close to the particle surfaces. This allows the optimum moisture to be held for plant use while facilitating water release and effective drainage.

Active Ingredient: Dihydrooxirane, epihydrin

For use on:

  • Fine Turf
  • Golf Courses
  • Athletic Fields

Weeds Controlled

  • None


Directions for Use: For best results, TriCure AD® applications should begin in early spring, before first signs of heat-related stress appear (zones 1-3). TriCure AD®can also be applied curatively on existing dry areas and LDS. In warmer climates (zones 4-5), application should be year-round or when environmental stress conditions begin to impact turf performance. Immediate wateringin is not necessary to prevent burning as TriCure AD® is non-phytotoxic. For best results, heavy irrigation is recommended when applying to facilitate movement of chemical into the soil.

Spray Application Applications can be made monthly or on a seasonal basis (effective approximately three months). Refer to the Spray Application Rates section to determine the appropriate rate. (Note: To maintain an even, optimum surfactant level in the soil, monthly applications are preferable.)

Application by Injection Application of TriCure AD® via irrigation lines is recommended where possible as surfactant is optimally disbursed and reduced application rates with comparable results are also often possible. Recommended rates for zones 1-3 are 67 OZ/A under normal conditions and 134 OZ/A under high stress or curative conditions. Recommended rates for zones 4-5 are 134 OZ/A under normal conditions and 200 OZ/A under high stress or curative conditions.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • Overexposure causes eye irritation, excessive watering, redness
  • Overexposure to skin may cause itching and redness
  • Harmful if swallowed. May cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
  • Wear approved eye protection and clothing
  • Keep out of reach of children

See Label for complete restrictions.