Toro Golf - Lynx Control Central CE - 2 Wire - Standard 5 Year
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Toro Golf - Lynx Control Central CE - 2 Wire - Standard 5 Year

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Available for Sale in WI, IL, MI, INRestrictions may apply. Questions? Call (800) 785-3301.
  • Optimally manage your water and resources
  • Find more time in your day for other tasks
  • Maximize your course playability and aesthetics
  • Control your costs for water, utilities and labor
  • 5 years of NSN - Toro's National Support Network

For Your Peace of Mind
Toro's National Support Network (NSN) is designed to be there to support your concerns and ensure that you are getting the most from your Toro® Irrigation System. Every NSN service and offering serves to ultimately provide you with superior customer service and peace of mind so that you feel confident in your decision to select Toro as your irrigation solutions partner.

The Toro® Lynx® Control System was developed specifically to help you address the unique challenges and changing priorities you face everyday. With the Lynx System, you can now have all of your essential irrigation information readily available in one place, conveniently combined into a single, intuitive interface.

Lynx 3.0 Adds More Flexibility And More Control
Station Percent Adjust for duration allows you to set temporary adjustments that automatically returns to normal after a set number of days. The new Sequential Instant Program allows you to pick the order stations water automatically. GDC system diagnostics can now be selected by Hole or Area to make pin pointing a problem even easier, and you can now chose to have Lynx automatically upload station changes into the Watering Plan

Simplified Decision Making With Dynamic Drilldown
Guides you to where you need to go. Follow the water drop in the Watering Plan to find stations, holes or entire areas that are disabled, on hold or otherwise not programmed to irrigate. Quickly find any stations in Course Report that did not operate as intended.

Flexible and Editable Map
Easily add, drag, drop and assign sprinklers, satellites, sensors and switches to their exact locations. You can effortlessly make edits as your field hardware changes. Fully supports CAD-generated maps.

Power Guard Helps Prevent Wasted Energy
Integration with a Flowtronex® pump station with PACE™ enables the exclusive Lynx Power Guard feature to track and control electricity usage of the system.

Integrated Turf Guard® Soil Sensor
Helps you determine when to irrigate and how much which helps you save water.

Lynx Mobile
Enables remote access and control from any mobile device connected to the Internet. Screens are specifically designed and optimized for smaller devices.



  • Runtimes are executed to the second rather than rounding to the whole minute, resulting in more precise irrigation and water savings (Network VP® & OSMAC® only)
  • Control your irrigation by setting runtime minutes or application inches and let the system calculate the other. See exactly how much water you will apply and how long you will irrigate each area.
  • Runtime synchronization with Network VP satellites prevents irrigation outages if the central goes offline.
  • Integrated runtime display shows past and planned irrigation activity so you can easily determine what action to take.

Quick Start:

  • With Quick Start, you create station, hardware and area associations, and control the definition of greens, tees, fairways and sprinklers based on the their locations.
  • A basic hydraulic tree is auto-generated for you during Quick Start.

Views and Reports:

  • Course Report provides both real time and daily summaries of both scheduled and manual watering events.
  • Area and Hole orientation allows you to control your irrigation system the same way you think about the course.
  • Instant Program has simple check-box selection and Dynamic Drilldown to you can instantly create and personalize new irrigation programs.
  • Projected Flow View shows you areas that will be watered and how much will be applied.


  • Current-sensing capabilities notify you of wire cuts and sprinklers unintentionally turned off (Network VP Only).
  • Constant communication with Network VP satellites lets you take action if a power outage threatens irrigation.
  • Toro GDC communication and solenoid diagnostics help identify shorts, low voltage and other issues.
  • Weather station integration and Hand-held Remote Interface support are included as standard features

Operating System:

  • Windows 7

Additional Specs


  • Satellites: 500
  • Satellites Stations: 32,000
  • GDC Stations: 6400
  • Weather Stations: 10
  • Pump Stations: 10
  • Courses: 3
  • Holes: 84
  • Hydraulic Branches: 1024


  • VP Current Sensing: Yes
  • VP Station Adjust Upload: Yes
  • Site Code Categories: 7
  • Precip. Mgmt. Groups (PMG): Yes
  • Max. Stations/Hole Control: Yes
  • Instant Program Creation: Yes
  • Program Priority: Yes
  • Pump Profiling: Yes
  • Station Group Multi-Manual: Yes
  • Master Group Multi-Manual: Yes
  • Pump Integration: Yes
  • Weather Station Alarms: Yes
  • ET Auto Calc. RT Method: Yes