Toro - 570Z Series - 12" Pop-Up Sprinkler, Side Inlet Body
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Toro - 570Z Series - 12" Pop-Up Sprinkler, Side Inlet Body

SKU: 570Z-12PSI

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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 25
  • 12" Sprinkler with Side Inlet Body
  • Zero-flush seal prevents flushing on pop-up
  • Several body sizes‚ to satisfy varying installation requirements
  • 115 different nozzles provide tremendous versatility
  • Ratcheting riser feature for easy and reliable arc adjustment
  • Nozzle Sold Separately

Toro® 570Z Series spray heads provide everything needed for residential and commercial contractors to satisfy all installation and retrofit requirements. In combination with Toro spray and rotating nozzles, 570Z Series spray heads can be configured in hundreds of combinations and present an unparalleled range of flexibility. With both bottom and side inlet thread options, Toro 570Z Series spray heads are further available with patented in-stem X-Flow® Technology and Pressure Regulating water-saving features. Trusted for over 25 years, Toro’s 570Z Series spray heads are the ideal choice.

Additional Features:

Zero Flush Wiper Seal

The elimination of flushing on pop-up allows for more sprinklers to be installed per zone.

Patented X-Flow® Technology

The X-Flow in-stem flow shut-off device is built into the riser and restricts water loss by 99% should the nozzle be removed or damaged. The exclusive X-Flow device greatly reduces water waste, landscape erosion, and wet hardscape safety concerns. Furthermore, X-Flow allows for ‘dry’ nozzle and filter replacement or system maintenance while the system is running.

One-Piece Check Valve

Pre-installed from the factory or easily installed in the field, Toro’s one-piece check valve prevents low-head drainage on elevation changes of up to 10'.

Ratcheting Riser

Quick and precise arc adjustment on all pop-up models.