American Excelsior - 8' X 112-1/2' Premier Straw - Single Net
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American Excelsior - 8' X 112-1/2' Premier Straw - Single Net


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  • Premier Straw ECBs are designed to provide temporary protection for grass seed and topsoil during the germination and progressive revegetation and root system development stages
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Biodegradable
  • Slopes - 3H:1V

Premier Straw ECBs are biodegradable ECBs consisting of the finest straw fibers available. Depending on job site requirements, a variety of Quick Mow, environmentally sensitive, and stronger netting types are available.  At a standard width of 8', which is 18" wider than conventional straw ECBs, our Premier Straw ECBs are specifically designed to provide you with the most effective installation widths available. Lightweight and easy to handle, you can rely on AEC Premier Straw to hold its own in the everyday basic ECB applications. Premier straw blankets are available individually wrapped or in master packs to allow for mechanical unloading and stacking.

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