Spring Valley - 25-0-4 75% REGAIN - 50 LB Bag
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Spring Valley - 25-0-4 75% REGAIN - 50 LB Bag

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  • Regain keeps more nitrogen where the turf can use it
  • Less volatilization, less leaching, less nitrogen loss
  • Enriches the soil with organic matter to improve overall soil health
  • Nutrients are available to the turf over a period of time, feeding the soil continuously
  • Assists with binding soil particles – improving water-holding capacity that enhances root development
  • Previous Part Number: SV2088652

Regain® is a stabilized nitrogen additive available in Spring Valley professional fertilizers. Regain provides the most advanced, continuous protection and stabilization of applied nitrogen, insuring a turf manager’s fertilizer investment against wasteful nitrogen loss. Delivering the nutrient benefits at lower application rates, Regain products can decrease fertilizer costs over similar areas of application.

Up to 50 percent of applied nitrogen can be lost to leaching, volatilization and denitrification. Regain continuously protects and stabilizes applied nitrogen fertilizer by controlling urease – keeping more nitrogen in the ammonium form reducing the loss of nitrogen. Unlike other nitrogen–fertilizer additives, Regain lets you apply nitrogen when and how it works for you, adding flexibility to your application schedule from fall to spring.

  • Urease is a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down applied nitrogen, producing nitrogen volatilization.
  • Regain bonds with elements in the soil (multi-valent cations) which prevents urease from functioning.
  • More of the applied nitrogen stays in the root zone remaining available to the turf for a longer amount of time.
  • Regain maintains the nitrogen in the soil in the ammonium form versus the nitrate form, which is more readily absorbed by the turf

Top Cut® is an organic, nutrient-rich, nitrogen fertilizer source produced from biosolids. The addition of Top Cut to Prevail fertilizers replenishes the organic matter and also improves soil structure by increasing the soil’s ability to absorb and store moisture. Combining Top Cut with other fertilizer components complements the agronomic benefits of natural fertilizers with the quick response and economy of traditional fertilizers.

Top Cut is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, two primary nutrients essential for turf growth, and also contains micronutrients such as calcium, sulfur, iron and humic acid. Because the nutrients are released as the plant needs it, they are less likely to leach into waterways, which is better for the environment. The slow release feeding also provides more uniform growth, a more established root system and thicker, healthier turf.

Benefits of Humic Acid

  • Optimizes soil structure to increase soil fertility
  • Neutralizes acidic and alkaline soil to release beneficial metal ions and promote nutrient absorption
  • Stimulates root growth to improve nutrient uptake
  • Increases turf’s ability to withstand stress

Benefits of Calcium

  • Helps maintain a chemical balance in the soil, reduces salt content, and improves water penetration
  • Stimulates the roots to encourage the uptake of nutrients
  • Increases cell wall strength and thickness

This product is a highly versatile premium mini-sized fertilizer that is ideal for the nutrient demands of top quality turf management. The precise balance of nutrients promotes a superior, sustained color response that produces the visual appeal turf professionals desire.

Active Ingredient: Derived from: Ammonium Sulfate, Bio-solids, Muriate of Potash, and Urea.

Use Sites:

  • Golf courses
  • Athletic fields
  • Turf


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For optimum performance, begin spring applications just before soil temperatures reach 50 degrees F. Although nitrogen can be applied at the rate of 1.0 LB/1,000 SQ FT every 8 weeks, it is also recommended that lighter, half-rate applications be made each month, especially during hot, dry periods. Continue scheduled feedings throughout the growing season until soil temperature retreats to below 50 degrees F. Late fall and dormant feedings are recommended after soil temperatures remain below 50 degrees F for several consecutive days and turf growth has slowed considerably.

Apply product evenly with a calibrated spreader. For best results, irrigating after applications will aid in granule penetration in close-cut dense turf. Removing grass catchers for initial mowing will minimize particle pick-up.

*Southern turf grasses, including St. Augustine and hybrid Bermuda grasses may require higher levels of nitrogen for optimum performance.

See Label for complete application instructions.