SePro - Phoslock® Aquatic Phosphorus Remover - 55 LB Bag

SePro - Phoslock® Aquatic Phosphorus Remover - 55 LB Bag
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SePro - Phoslock® Aquatic Phosphorus Remover - 55 LB Bag

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  • Very low toxicity
  • Ability to permanently bind free reactive phosphorus (FRP) over a wide range of water chemistries
  • Does not form flocs
  • Rapid & Permanent Removal of Phosphorus in Ponds & Lakes

Phoslock is a patented phosphorus locking technology to restore water quality in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Phoslock was developed by the Australian national science agency, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), to remove phosphorus from water bodies and restore water quality. For over ten years, Phoslock treatment has been successfully used in water resource restoration programs around the world. Although Phoslock is a new technology to the United States (2010), it is rapidly emerging as the most effective phosphorus inactivation and water quality restoration solution for ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

The Problem with Phosphorus

Phosphorus enrichment of waterbodies negatively impacts water quality. The accumulation and internal recycling of phosphorus in waterbodies has significant and lasting impacts on the aquatic ecosystem, drinking water supplies and recreational uses. In addition, excessive phosphorus levels can result in regulatory implications due to exceeding of total maximum daily load (TMDL) thresholds and state and/or federal water quality standards.

How does Phoslock work?

Following an application of Phoslock,the lanthanum ions sorbed to the clay matrix react preferentially with free phosphate compounds in water(removing free reactive phosphorus) and rapidly form a highly stable insoluble mineral. The resulting mineral complex becomes integrated as an inert component into the natural sediments of the waterbody and is not bio-available. Due to the specificity of Phoslock to phosphate, as long as binding sites are available, it will continually bind new incoming phosphorus from internal and external sources.

For Use In

  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Reserviors


Phoslock treatment is applied either as a granule or slurry through customized application equipment. Please contact SePRO for guidance on the proper application method and equipment for your Phoslock treatment project.

For best results, distribute uniformly over the surface of the waterbody, or the area targeted for application, as an aqueous slurry. Under certain conditions Phoslock granules may also be applied directly to the water based on management objectives and site conditions.

See label for complete application instructions.

Restrictions: See Label

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