18-12-6 Starter Fertlizer - 25% PCSU with Avail - SGN 215 - 50 LB BAG

18-12-6 Starter Fertlizer - 25% PCSU with Avail - SGN 215 - 50 LB BAG
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18-12-6 Starter Fertlizer - 25% PCSU with Avail - SGN 215 - 50 LB BAG

SKU: RP18-12-6
  • Manufacturer pack size: 40/Pallet
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  • Reduces phosphate fertilizer fixation in the soil
  • Creates a negative shield around the P molecule protecting it from positive ions in the soil
  • Protects phosphate from elements such as aluminum, calcium, iron and magnesium

This product is a highly versatile premium mini-sized fertilizer that is ideal for the nutrient demands of top quality turf management. The precise balance of nutrients promotes a superior, sustained color response that produces the visual appeal turf professionals desire

How To Use

For optimum performance, begin spring applications just before soil temperatures reach 50°F. Although nitrogen can be applied at the rate of 1 LB/1,000 SQ FT every 8 weeks, it is also recommended that lighter, half-rate applications be made each month, especially during hot, dry periods. Continue scheduled feedings throughout the growing season until soil temperature retreats to below 50°F. Late fall and dormant feedings are recommended after soil temperatures remain below 50°F for several consecutive days and turf growth has slowed considerably. Apply product evenly with a calibrated spreader. For best results, irrigating after applications will aid in granule penetration in close-cut dense turf. Removing grass catchers for initial mowing will minimize particle pick-up. *Southern turf grasses, including St. Augustine and hybrid Bermuda grasses may require higher levels of nitrogen for optimum performance. NEVER FERTILIZE WHEN THE GRASS IS MOIST ALWAYS CLEAN OUT SPREADER AFTER EACH USE

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