Hunter - ROAM Transmitter Unit (4 AAA Batteries Included)

Hunter - ROAM Transmitter Unit (4 AAA Batteries Included)
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Hunter - ROAM Transmitter Unit (4 AAA Batteries Included)


Hunter ROAM Transmitter Unit Only

The ability to remotely command a controller means system operators never have to walk back and forth from a valve box to stop and start manual watering cycles. It also means that during winterization, system shutoffs can get done quickly and easily with only one worker instead of two. A mid-range solution for residential and commercial applications, the Roam will operate up to 1' from the controller. It is compatible with all Hunter controllers currently in production, and discontinued models that feature a SmartPort connection. The Roam offers features other remotes do not at a reasonable price. With a large LCD and simple push button operation, this remote is easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket.

  • Designed to work with Hunter X-Core, Pro-C, PCC, I-Core and ACC controllers through a SmartPort® connection
  • 128 programmable addresses for use with multiple Roam remotes in the same neighborhood
  • Run manual watering cycles without modifying regular program
  • Programmable run times: 1 to 9 min
  • Range: Up to 1' (line of sight)
  • Transmitter power source: 4 AAA batteries (included)
  • Receiver power source: 24 VAC, 1 mA (provided by controller)
  • System operating frequency: 433 MHz
  • FCC approved