FX - RL Series 20W Incandescent Wall Wash - Copper

FX - RL Series 20W Incandescent Wall Wash - Copper
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FX - RL Series 20W Incandescent Wall Wash - Copper

SKU: RL-20
  • Copper construction and finish
  • ProAim™ adjustability
  • G4 bi-pin lamp
  • Input voltage: 10-15V
  • Includes fixture, 5,000 Hr Xenon, frosted lens, and SSS ground spike

While the amateur lighting installers commonly over-light a garden, sometimes the effect that creates the highest impact is soft and subtle. The RL gently washes walls, boulders, and architectural elements bringing out the fine detail without overpowering the scene. Using the RL creates a soft glow that backlights the sculptural shape of the yucca, grazes light over a dry-stack stone wall, or reveals the distinctive texture of a mossy boulder.

Lighting Effects with the RL -  To wall wash with the RL, the fixtures should be installed 12-18" from the base of the wall, 6-8' on center, thereby creating an even illumination.
Note: This fixture is designed for up lighting only

Commonly used for Highlighting plants, trees, sculptures and garden structures. Also useful for silhouetting plantings or other garden art. 

  • Lamp: 20 W Xenon
  • Finishes: Copper Finish
  • Material: Copper
  • Height: 6.5"