RGB Wi-Fi Controller

RGB Wi-Fi Controller
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RGB Wi-Fi Controller

  • All RGB orders may be reviewed by a product specialist prior to shipment. Reinders may contact you with any questions or concerns.
  • If you need assistance on design or product selection, please contact Paul - phayden@reinders.com
  • For small to mid-sized projects up to 400 bulbs
  • Includes about 2 dozen effects - some are user customizable
  • Configure with any WIFI enable device such is tablets, laptops and smartphones
  • WIFI controller creates its own WIFI network, no internet is needed

Individually control up to 300 RGB lights with the Wi-Fi controller. Effects are adjustable: speed, direction and brightness as well as some customization in colors. Use any Wi-Fi enabled device on any operating system to change effects, settings and colors. Download the WEC-Mate App for a better user experience, but it is not required for full functionality. Options and effects are saveable and easily recalled.

Ideal for residential, retail & small commercial applications.

  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Festoons and light canopies
  • Garden elements
  • 15-foot trees, wreaths, shrubs
  • Storefront & retail displays
  • RV’s & campsites