RGB Flex Tape

RGB Flex Tape
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RGB Flex Tape

  • All RGB orders may be reviewed by a product specialist prior to shipment. Reinders may contact you with any questions or concerns.
  • If you need assistance on design or product selection, please contact Paul - phayden@reinders.com
  • 16.4' long with UV resistant solid silicone jacket, 5mm
  • Ultra-bright 5050 SMD LEDs
  • 28 LEDs/14 pixels per meter/2 LEDs per pixel
  • Power supply and controller are required

Use RGB LED Flex Tape anywhere you need color-changing accent lighting. Produces an limitless array of colors and white light. Works great to outline figures, architectural features, along shelves, mantels and more. RGB Flex Tape is 16.4' long and encased in a ribbon of silicone to form a durable, weather-tight seal. Flex Tape has cut marks every 3 inches for custom sizing. (use with Flextape-M and Flextape-F in order to plug in custom cut pieces). Connections are water-tight three wire screw together connectors with an o-ring.

RGB LED Flex Tape mounts easily with double-sided tape. Make sure surface is clean and dry before attaching.

Power supply and controller are required to function. RGB+MC2 RGB mini-controller or RGB+WIFI RGB Wi-Fi Controller are recommended. For the power supply we recommend using RGB3A - 3 Amp power supply. Using the RGB Remote Control (RGBA15) will expand your control of these RGB lights