Reinders - Meteor Melt™
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Reinders - Meteor Melt™

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  • Melts ice and snow effectively to -20°F
  • Professional 3-Way Blend; blue crystals for spreading visibility
  • Safe for grass and other vegetation, and won’t track onto carpets and floors when used as directed
  • Fast acting and resists refreezing
  • Available in 50 LB Bag, 20 LB Bag, 40 LB Pail, 12 LB Jug, and Special Order 2000 LB Totes

METEOR MELT is a blended ice melter containing Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, and Sodium Chloride specifically formulated for Midwest Winters.


  • METEOR MELT is custom blended for superior melting at low temps
  • Attracts moisture from the air to quickly create heat, allowing for fast and safe de-icing
  • Will not track or stain carpets