Rain Bird - 2" PESB Scrubber Valve with Flow Control
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Rain Bird - 2" PESB Scrubber Valve with Flow Control


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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 8. Pallet Size = 120
  • A robust one-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring offers easy servicing
  • Stronger, redesigned bonnet made with glass-filled nylon stands strong at high pressures and outlasts competing valves
  • External bleed protects the solenoid ports from debris when the system is flushed
  • Enhanced diaphragm material ensures maximum leak prevention at extreme temperatures or pressures
  • Scrubber scrapes its stainless steel screen clean to break down grit and plant material which prevents debris build-up and clogging

Rain Bird PESB Scrubber Valve- Get the Best-in-Class Professional Series Plastic Irrigation Valves

Shop the industry’s most durable commercial valves and ensure every irrigation system you install has what it takes to stand up to even the most grueling conditions. Rain Bird sets the standard and gives you products you can trust.

No Challenge is Too Big for This Rain Bird Sprinkler Valve

Pressure surges? Effluent water? Clogging debris? No problem. PESB Series valves offer long life and efficient, trouble-free performance—even under harsh conditions. Constructed of heavy-duty, glass-filled nylon, these valves resist clogging. The PESB model features a patented scrubber to actively fight dirt, debris, and particles. The PESB Series is our most durable plastic irrigation valve. This industrial-strength glass-filled nylon globe valve is ideal for commercial irrigation applications.

New PEB series valves are designed to endure any environment, standing up to the challenges of alternate water sources and high-pressure situations:

65% Higher Leak Resistance- After extreme temperature swings, PEB series valves have 65% higher leak resistance than competing valves.

20% Higher Valve Burst Pressure- High pressure is no problem for PEB series valves, with 20% higher valve burst pressure.

50% Less Pressure Loss- PEB series valves deliver 50% less pressure loss than the leading competitor, so you can rest easy knowing the system will perform as intended.

Additional Features:

  • Manual internal bleed manually operates the valve without allowing water into the valve box; allows pressure regulator to be adjusted without turning the valve on at the controller first.
  • Manual external bleed permits flushing debris from the system. Recommended for system startup and after repairs.
  • Stainless steel studs molded into the body. Bonnet can be attached and removed more easily and more often without damaging threads.
  • Nylon scrubber scrapes a stainless-steel screen to clean and break down grit and plant material. This prevents debris build-up and clogging.
  • Durable glass-filled nylon construction with fabric-reinforced rubber diaphragm for long life and reliable performance
  • Globe configuration
  • Normally closed, forward flow design
  • Slow closing to prevent water hammer and subsequent system damage
  • Low flow capability for a wide range of applications
  • One-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring for easy servicing; prevents loss of parts during field service
  • Flow control handle adjusts water flows as needed


The electric remote-control valve shall be a normally closed 24 VAC 50/60 Hz (cycles/sec) solenoid-actuated globe pattern design. The valve pressure rating shall not be less than 200 psi (13.80 bar).

The valve body shall be constructed of heavy-duty glass-filled UV-resistant nylon and have stainless steel studs and flange nuts; diaphragm shall be of nylon reinforced nitrile rubber.

The valve shall house a fully encapsulated, one-piece solenoid. The solenoid shall have a captured plunger with a removable retainer for easy servicing and a leverage handle for easy turning. This 24 VAC 50/60 Hz solenoid shall open with 19.6 VAC minimum at 200 psi (13.80 bar). At 24 VAC, average inrush current shall not exceed 0.41 amps. Average holding current shall not exceed 0.28 amps.

The valve shall have a brass flow control stem for accurate manual regulation and/or shut-off of outlet flow. The valve must open or close in less than 1 minute at 200 psi (13.80 bar) and less than 30 seconds at 20 psi (1.38 bar).

The PESB valve shall have a self-cleaning stainless-steel screen designed for use in dirty water applications.

The valve construction shall be such as to provide for all internal parts to be removable from the top of the valve without disturbing the valve installation.

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