Toro - P-220 Series - 1" Electric Plastic Valve

Toro - P-220 Series - 1" Electric Plastic Valve
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Toro - P-220 Series - 1" Electric Plastic Valve

SKU: P220-26-04
  • Manufacturer pack size: 24/Pack
  • Durable Glass-Filled Nylon ensures the P-220 can operate at pressures up to 220 PSI 
  • Optional Spike-Guard solenoid features very low power consumption, which reduces wire size requirements, allows twice as many valves to run simultaneously on a transformer, and lowers power costs
  • Precise, pressure control option with compact EZReg™ (can be factory installed) dial design. Technology does not affect friction loss unlike competitive valves
  • Pressure regulator works in electric or manual modes and is serviceable under pressure

These heavy-duty glassfilled nylon valves are specially designed for commercial applications with pressures up to 220 PSI, but also have the ability to pressure regulate the flow through the valve anywhere from 10 – 100 PSI.

Additional Features:

Internal and External Manual Bleed

Keeps valve box dry and easy to use.

Nearly Three Times the Lightning Protection of Competitive Product

With a lightning rating exceeding 20,000 volts. 

Schrader Valve Pre-Installed

Simple verification of downstream pressure.

Technical Specifications:

  • Inrush Current: 0.12 A
  • Holding Current: 0.1 A
  • Height (Primary): 9-1/2"
  • Width (Primary): 6-1/8"