Abrisa Industrial Glass - 1" Diameter Opal Lens

Abrisa Industrial Glass - 1" Diameter Opal Lens
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Abrisa Industrial Glass - 1" Diameter Opal Lens

  • Create ambiance in diffused lighting
  • Fits MR-8 lamp

White Flashed Opal consists of a colorless base soda-lime glass which is fused to a thin white flashed layer. Using white flashed opal one can create an ambiance in diffused lighting similar to daylight with very little shadow. Flashed opal is perfect for creating a pleasant atmosphere in professional or residential areas.


  • Average transmission of approximately 35%
  • Can be heat strengthened or tempered
  • Helps create a similar effect as a skylight
  • Scratch resistant, non-deforming, and non-combustible

The transmission properties of White Flashed Opal glass are for the most part dependent solely upon the white layer, the thickness of which varies over the manufacturing width and is generally in the order of 0.45 ± 0.2mm. The visual light transmission in the case of standard illuminant A is on average τ vA = 35 % (± 10 %).


Light Diffusion:
In the visible spectrum of the DESAG, White Flashed Opal glass provides almost ideal diffusion. In the near infrared range a directed component is superimposed which appears on the diffusion indicatrix as a small “nose”. From λ = 800nm, the proportion of the directed transmission increases relatively sharply and where λ = 2000 nm, values of 50 % may be reached.


Chemical Properties:
White Flashed Opal glass is largely insensitive to the action of water acids, alkalis, and salt solutions (with the exception of hydrofluoric acid).


Electrical Properties:
Specific electrical resistivity > 1010 Ω·cm


Thermal Properties:
Thermal conductivity at 90°C = 1.06 W/(m • K)
Transformation temperature Tg = 521°C
Mean linear thermal coefficient of expansion α (20-300°C): 9.5 • 10-6 K-1


Mechanical Properties:
Compressive strength 800-930 N/mm2
Bending tensile strength 30 N/mm2 (characteristic value)
Density ∂ = 2.6 g/cm2