Ushio - 35W 60° Ultraline Titan MR16 Lamp

Ushio - 35W 60° Ultraline Titan MR16 Lamp
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Ushio - 35W 60° Ultraline Titan MR16 Lamp


35W 60° MR16 Ultraline™ Titan Series

Introducing the longest life MR16 on the market with lamp life up to 18,000 hours. Historically MR16 lamps were known for outstanding performance, but limited life capability. USHIO broke new ground with the introduction of the Ultraline™ lamp series which allowed for long lamp life while maintaining outstanding lamp performance. The Ultraline™ Titan lamps from USHIO takes MR16 technology one step further.

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimizes the amount of maintenance required to support retail, commercial and display lighting installations.
  • Dramatically reduces lamp costs - Eliminates up to three lamp replacements over the life of the Ultraline™ Titan lamp
  • Halogen Capsule Cuts Harmful UV - Reduces the amount of material wear from harmful UV radiation.
  • Advanced Titanium Oxide Coating - Consistent color throughout lamp life.
  • Axial Filament - Provides optimal light output and consistent beam spreads.
  • Crisp White Halogen Light
  • High Color Temperature - 3100K
  • Cool Beam Effect
  • Base Type GU5.3