SePro - Musketeer Turf Growth Regulator - 2.5 GAL JUG

SePro - Musketeer Turf Growth Regulator - 2.5 GAL JUG
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SePro - Musketeer Turf Growth Regulator - 2.5 GAL JUG

  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 2
  • Combines three PGR technologies to uniquely and effectively regulate and enhance targeted turfgrasses
  • Delivers enhanced conversion and suppression of Poa annua by allowing vigorous bentgrass growth compared to formulations of paclobutrazol alone
  • Reduced damage to Kentucky Bluegrass surrounds compared to paclobutrazol alone
  • Excellent turfgrass enhancement and improved color
  • Suppression of Dollar Spot and potential for less fungicide use over time
  • This product is part of SePro's Golf Pinnacle Program. Program is available October 1 - December 31, 2020.

Musketeer is the first turf plant growth regulator (PGR) to incorporate Triple Turf PGR Technology to uniquely and effectively suppress Gibberellic Acid synthesis, leading to superior growth regulation of targeted turfgrasses. Musketeer is the result of SePRO research and based upon patented turf PGR technology. Specifically formulated to aggressively target growth suppression of Poa annua in cool-season turfgrass species, such as creeping bentgrass, while providing excellent turfgrass enhancement. The result—more bentgrass and less Poa annua.

Musketeer Turf Growth Regulator integrates patented synergy of turf growth regulator technology for use on perennial turfgrasses on golf courses. It reduces stem elongation and leaf blade length in perennial turfgrasses resulting in a more compact and dense growth. Growth regulation results from suppression of the plant hormone, gibberellic acid (GA), responsible for cell elongation in most plants.

Musketeer’s patented site of action plant growth regulator (PGR) synergy results in growth suppression, improved turfgrass color and quality, extended spray intervals, and suppression of Poa annua. Plant physiological advantages to applications of this product include:

  • Multiple plant sites of uptake: Musketeer is absorbed by plants via roots, stems, and leaves.
  • Multi-site activity within gibberellic acid (GA) biosynthesis pathway: Musketeer inhibits GA production at both early and late stages in the pathway.

Product absorption via the roots and foliage allows for more efficient uptake by the plant ensuring an optimal amount of active ingredient is available for GA inhibition. Additionally, blocking GA biosynthesis early and late in the biological pathway regulates GA more efficiently than at a single site within this cycle.

  • Shoot growth suppression of warm and cool season turfgrasses resulting in decreased mowing frequency and turfgrass clippings.
  • Increased turfgrass density, wear resistance, and improved color on warm and cool season turfgrass species resulting in improved turf quality.
  • Reduction of Poa annua (annual bluegrass) populations in cool season turfgrasses.
  • Improved water use efficiency of warm and cool season turfgrass resulting in pre-drought stress conditioning.

Active Ingredients:

  • Flurprimidol
  • Paclobutrazol
  • Trinexapac-ethyl

For Use On

  • Golf Courses
  • Warm and cool season grasses


  • Annual Bluegrass
  • Dollar Spot
  • See label for complete list


Apply Musketeer to actively growing turfgrass. Make Spring applications after resumption of active seasonal growth of turfgrass. Schedule the final application of the season a minimum of 4 weeks before the onset of inactive grass growth or winter dormancy. To avoid delayed Spring transition of bermudagrass, apply to overseeded turfgrasses in dormant bermudagrass stands at least 4 weeks prior to expected bermudagrass green-up.

Apply when rainfall is not expected, or irrigation can be delayed for at least 2 HRS after application or until product has dried on the leaf surface. For best results, subsequent rainfall or irrigation should occur within 24 HRS after application.

Avoid mowing treated turfgrass areas until after rainfall or irrigation occurs.

See label for complete application instructions.


Do not use on turf being grown for sale or other commercial use as sod, or for commercial seed production or for research purposes.

Do not use on residential lawns.

Do not apply to bermudagrass putting greens or overseeded bermudagrass putting greens.

Do not apply to shrubs, bedding plants, and/or food plants.

See label for complete restrictions.

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