Milorganite - 6-4-0 Fertilizer - 50 LB BAG
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Milorganite - 6-4-0 Fertilizer - 50 LB BAG

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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pallet Size = 40
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  • 6% Total Nitrogen (N), 4% Available Phosphate (P205), 2.5% Total Iron (Fe)
  • Non-Burning Iron for Greening
  • Slow Release feeds the plant & soil
  • Feeds up to 10 Weeks

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Beautify Lawns and Landscaping with Milorganite Fertilizer

Milorganite fertilizer is an all-purpose slow-release fertilizer that you can safely use on lawns, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. This organic lawn fertilizer is also perfect as a carrier when spreading grass seed. Deliver primary nutrients Nitrogen and Phosphorus to plants to feed for up to 10 weeks!

Milorganite Lawn Fertilizer Stimulates Root Growth and Provides Iron for Rich, Green Grass

Are you looking for an effective way to spread seed and fertilizer at the same time? In the market for the best slow-release fertilizer to beautify your lawn?

Milorganite fertilizer covers all the bases and does it well. It’s the perfect standard organic lawn fertilizer for promoting the healthy growth of lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers with 6% total Nitrogen (N), 4% available Phosphate (P205), and 2.5% total iron (Fe). The fertilizer’s non-burning slow-release nitrogen feeds for up to 10 weeks while the iron delivers a long-lasting green. What’s more, the non-burning characteristic protects vegetation from harm or damage.

Milorganite’s slow-release formula helps reduce mowing, conserves water, and is non-leaching— making it a triple threat turf and landscape product that has been proven effective for over 90 years!

Milorganite’s Active Ingredient

6-4-0 fertilizer utilizes heat-dried microbes that have digested the organic matter in wastewater. These microbes stay in the root zone, avoiding groundwater or well contamination

Key Benefits of Using Milorganite Label

Milorganite is an all-purpose organic-nitrogen fertilizer composed of heat-dried microbes that have digested the organic matter in wastewater. It can be used on lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, and as a seed carrier. What’s more, it will stay in the root zone, avoiding groundwater or well contamination. See back for recommended application guidelines.

Does Not Burn
Milorganite does not contain salt. Therefore, it will not burn plants or scorch lawns even in the hottest temperatures and driest conditions. This is the perfect fertilizer to use in drought-stricken areas or areas with water restraints.

Slow Release – Feeds up to 10 Weeks
The 6-4-0 fertilizer releases its nutrients slowly and feeds plants and soil on a constant basis, resulting in uniform growth and well-established root systems. The 10-week feeding means you don’t have to constantly fertilize anymore!

No Watering In
Because Milorganite is a slow-release fertilizer, it doesn’t need to be watered in after application. It’s ready to work when moisture arrives, making it ideal for areas with water restrictions.

Iron for Enhanced Greening
Iron is essential to make plants green. Greening power is what you’ll get from Milorganite to produce rich, green lawns and strong plants. The iron is organically complex and readily absorbed by plants. Milorganite even works in poor soils, regardless of soil pH. It also will NOT stain nearby walks, patios, drives, fences, or walls, making it the perfect solution for residential applications.

Seeding with Milorganite
It’s never been easier to seed and fertilizer your lawn all in one simple application. Just add Milorganite when seeding for a fast-developing lawn. The nitrogen releases as the seedlings need it. The non-leaching phosphorus is available to immature roots to aid in giving energy to support fast growth. It won’t burn tender seedlings, either.

Safe for Children and Pets
You can keep families safe while promoting healthy lawn growth. Milorganite is tested daily and surpasses the EPA’s “Exceptional Quality” standards—the most stringent safety regulations in the fertilizer industry. Children and pets can safely go onto areas that have been fertilized with Milorganite, so the outdoor fun for families never has to stop.

Adds Organic Matter
Organic matter in Milorganite feeds microorganisms in the soil, improving the foundation in which plants grow. Enriching the soil with organic matter improves soil structure, enhancing the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients. Healthy soil is the long-term key to lawn and garden success.

Where to Use Milorganite

With Milorganite fertilizer, you can cover 2,500 sq. ft of land, corner to corner, to feed the following areas:

  • Lawns
  • Shrubs and trees
  • Flowers and vegetables
  • Seed carrier

Application Schedule

You will get four applications out of your 38 lb. organic lawn fertilizer bag, which gives you coverage of 2,500 sq. ft. per bag. The four applications are as followed:

  • Memorial Day (late Spring)
  • 4th of July (mid-Summer)
  • Labor Day (early Fall)
  • Thanksgiving (formant feeding)

Please keep in mind this application schedule is great for Northern grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass.

Fertilizing Tip: Applying the last application as late in the season as possible before the first deep freeze or snowfall will allow for an early springtime green-up!

Discover More from Milorganite MMSD

Milorganite is the epitome of environmental stewardship. For over 90 years, the production of Milorganite fertilizer has been recognized as one of the nation’s older recycling efforts, taking nutrient-rich microbes from wastewater and processing them into a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.

The sustainable vision of Milorganite allows the company to preserve the environment with their products and how said products are produced. Such efficient use of resources is delivered to customers to meet their needs and benefit the planet while doing so.

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