FX - 300W Luxor® ZDC Controller - Matte Gray

FX - 300W Luxor® ZDC Controller - Matte Gray
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FX - 300W Luxor® ZDC Controller - Matte Gray

  • Zoning, Dimming, and Color (ZDC)
  • Up to 250 independently adjustable lighting groups (zones) can be created
  • Simple two-wire configuration for easy installation and adjusting
  • All groups can be turned on independently and dimmed from 0-100%
  • Utilizes FX Luxor Communication Technology to connect lights to the controller
  • User interface includes a full color LCD display for easy setup, maintenance and adjusting of groups

The Luxor ZDC lighting controller provides the ability to create a spectrum of 30,000 colors using RGBW LED technology with all the same zoning and dimming features as the Luxor ZD. With the ZDC, custom colors can be created for outdoor holiday displays, team spirit themes, company colors, or special events. In addition, color temperatures can be adjusted to match vegetation and architecture, offering unique landscape looks throughout the year. Up to now, custom color creation has been possible only through complicated or very expensive systems designed for commercial use. With Luxor ZDC, it’s easy to create and manage colors of connected fixtures wirelessly on the fly through the optional Luxor Wi-Fi app. Existing Luxor ZD systems can be upgraded to ZDC simply by replacing the ZD facepack with a ZDC facepack and a few LED components.

Additional Features:

Color Creation

Custom colors are created by combining three factors: hue, saturation, and intensity.

  • The hue is represented in the Luxor ZDC numerically from 0 to 359 to pinpoint the position on the color wheel.
  • Saturation is a percentage of hue which mixes white light with color, and can be adjusted in 1% increments between 1 and 100.
  • The color palette menu on the Luxor ZDC allows the user to save up to 250 custom colors by simply selecting the desired hue and saturation.

Ease of Setup

With only two wires to connect each fixture nothing changes on setup with Luxor. Communication is sent over the same wires that are used to power each light using any wiring technique you choose.

Dimming and Zoning Ability Using Groups

Every FX ZD/ZDC fixture or device attached to the Luxor can now be adjusted throughout the night using groups which are called to action using diming and the exact time you set.

Astronomical Timing

Astronomical timing is one of the best ways to turn on and off a lighting system without the need of a photocell. At FX we created an easy to use map placement feature to select your location. No more numbers, zip codes, or manuals to read, just point to your location.

Extending the Living Space

A living space changes throughout the night depending on your activity. Using Luxor, you can illuminate a seating area, dining table, or spa at different times of the night or even on different days. Your lighting system should cater to your lifestyle, using Luxor you can create myriads of scenes catered to the person and landscape.

Pre-Set Up Themes

Change a set of groups as one by setting it up as a theme. Adjust it for the seasons, or have setting for when it’s time to have an outdoor movie night. Themes allow quick and easy call up of a set of groups at predetermined intensity levels.

Designer-Business Opportunity

A great lighting system has to be maintained throughout the year. Now every project is a living system that can be updated from season to season or as a landscape environment grow. Instead of just re-aiming lights, lights can be pulled together in an ever changing symphony of events.