FX - Luxor® Facepack Mount

FX - Luxor® Facepack Mount
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FX - Luxor® Facepack Mount

  • Luxor facepack mount

The facepack mount is used to mount the facepack in a remote indoor location to provide easier access to the Luxor.

It requires the use of an RJ-12 (reversed) cable to connect to the actual Luxor transformer. Please refer to the maximum wire distances below when remotely locating the face panel P/N (LUXORFPMOUNT).

  • 200 feet with a Wi-Fi or LAN module installed (RJ-12)
  • 500 feet without a Wi-Fi or LAN module installed (RJ-12)

When installing the Luxor FP Mount with WIFI module, the antenna conduit is not necessary. The WIFI antenna easily drops into the bottom of the facepack mount.