Liquid Calcium Chloride - 275 GAL TOTE
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Liquid Calcium Chloride - 275 GAL TOTE


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  • Hygroscopic properties are natural and more environmentally friendly
  • Multiple concentrations can be developed and are available to customize for specific needs
  • Variety of uses in all seasons
  • Cost-effective and delivers effective results
  • Helps reduce maintenance and repair costs

Calcium Chloride is an odorless and colorless salt solution that can be used for both road treatment and industrial purposes.

Primary applications include deicing and dust control for roads, but is also used as a concrete additive, an anti-freeze, and is often used in oilfield applications. It is available in a variety of concentrations and package types.

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) delivers solid performance in liquid and dry form — its’ exothermic quality causes it to release heat during the chemical reaction. It is also hygroscopic: it draws in moisture and resists evaporation. These two key factors make it a versatile product for year-round maintenance programs in snow removal, dust control, and industrial purposes.

Uses and Applications


Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) provides effective deicing/anti-icing when applied either before or after a snow or ice storm. When used prior, it inhibits the bonding of snow and ice to the pavement, making it easier for snowplows to clear roads down to bare pavement. When used as a deicing product, Calcium Chloride will quickly begin to melt snow and ice breaking the bond to achieve a clear surface. In addition, Calcium Chloride in its dry form begins the brine process quickly to achieve a quick burn to melt accumulated snow and ice.

Dust Control

The natural hygroscopic properties of Calcium Chloride make it easy to retain moisture and significantly reduce road dust and support soil stabilization.


Calcium Chloride used as a cement accelerator increases the rate of early strength development and setting. This makes it an ideal choice for fall, winter, and spring projects while meeting ASTM and AASHTO standards.


Calcium Chloride is utilized in coal storage and transportation operations as an anti-freeze.

Oil Fields

Calcium Chloride is often used in oil field operations as part of completion and workover fluids as well as an additive to drilling mud that increases density and prevents clay hydration.