Kissner - Ice Burner™ 50 LB BAG
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Kissner - Ice Burner™ 50 LB BAG

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  • Not Available in the Kansas City Market

  • Specially Formulated
  • Performs at Lower Temperatures
  • Superior Lasting Performance
  • Color Coated for Visual Coverage (Purple Tint)
  • Triple Screened for Consistent Granulation
  • Provides Instant Traction
  • Melts to -20°F
  • Previously known as Ice Beeter™

Why Use Ice Burner™ for Deicing?

  • Effective to Very Low Temperatures When Nothing Else Works
  • Activates the Deicing Process Immediately
  • Reduces Bounce and Scatter During Application
  • Prevents Bonding of Ice to Walkway Surfaces
  • Enhances the Deicing Performance of Salt
  • Fewer Applications Required to Achieve Superior Performance