KF50+ Potassium Formate with Corrosion Inhibitor - 275 GAL TOTE
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KF50+ Potassium Formate with Corrosion Inhibitor - 275 GAL TOTE

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  • Melts ice and snow effectively to -20°F
  • Starts to work immediately
  • Best as a de-icer on thin, 1/8”, ice
  • Essentially Non-Corrosive; Safest Choice for High Profile Areas - Protects building entrances, ornamental plantings and turf from costly salt damage
  • Potassium Formate 50% with corrosion inhibitor 
  • Starts to work immediately  
  • pH of water  
  • Melts to -20°F
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Do not use if temp above 32°F or there's rain in the forecast
  • Ready to use
  • Post treat is best use; push the snow then apply
  • If compaction greater than 1/8" use Peladow or ZeroGround
  • Best for high traffic walkways, places metal infrastructure (stairs, doorways), decorative landscape areas and around expensive building entrances; roof top gardens, country clubs, hospitals, casinos, universities
  • Use when you need bare pavement in expensive high traffic areas
  • Add to brine to improve effective temp: 1g KF-50/100g brine
  • When used with a fan tip sprayer, 1 gallon of KF-50 is the equivalent of 100 LBS of traditional ice melt product, covering 1,500 SQ FT of surface area