Ice Melter - 2000 LB Tote
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Ice Melter - 2000 LB Tote

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  • Provides safe, fast, effective and economical melting
  • Rock salt alternative to melting snow and ice
  • Dyed green for precise placement
  • Does not require special storage and has unlimited shelf life
  • Breaks down to a colorless, odorless liquid and leaves no slippery oil residue or white film

Green Dye
SNOW CONTROL is dyed green to reduce the occurrence of over-application. The dye is harmless to humans and animals and is soluble in water. As the product activates and breaks down to a brine, the color fades, leaving your concrete, brick, and carpeting free of stains.

Consistent, Free Flowing Particles
SNOW CONTROL utilizes screened, medium sized particles to assure an easy spreading process. A consistent spread pattern allows for better use of product and optimum product performance. Large or small particles can decrease melting efficiencies and limit the flow of product through a spreader. For fast, easy, and consistent spreading, apply SNOW CONTROL during the next winter weather event.

No Hassle Storage and Handling
SNOW CONTROL does not require special storage and has unlimited shelf life. Simply close up the opening of the bag and the thick poly bag, among the thickest in the industry, will protect the product form outside weather and humidity. The thick and sturdy poly bag also assures ease and security in transporting the product.

Clean, No Messy Residue
Shortly after activation, SNOW CONTROL breaks down to a colorless, odorless liquid and leaves no slippery oil residue or white film. It will leave your sidewalks, driveways, shoes, and carpets clean and free of unnecessary clean-up.

Safe to You and the Outdoors
SNOW CONTROL is safe to humans and pets and also to the outdoors. SNOW CONTROL will not chemically alter or damage properly poured and cured concrete. It also will not damage surrounding vegetation when used as directed.

Melt Ice Fast with Snow Control and AMC
SNOW CONTROL is coated with AMC, the catalystthat ignites melting power, for instant melting action! AMC provides SNOW CONTROL with the boost it needs to conquer any winter weather - even when temperatures drop to below 0° F.