Hunter - Pro-Spray Series - 4" Pop-up Sprinkler
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Hunter - Pro-Spray Series - 4" Pop-up Sprinkler


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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 50. Pallet Size = 3600
  • Pro-Spray Series 4" Pop-up Sprinkler
  • Pro-Sprays are compatible with Precision Distribution Control Adjustable Nozzles, Pro Fixed Nozzles, and MP Rotators
  • Designed for professionals, the Pro-Spray is the contractor's choice. Ready for commercial or residential projects, the Pro-Spray is a rugged and reliable sprinkler for versatile applications.

Get Long-Lasting, Reliable Performance with Hunter Pro-Spray Sprinkler Heads

Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler heads are just the thing you need for residential applications. With precision-engineered heads made from durable construction, Pro-Spray heads are compatible with all industry standard female nozzles, so you can seamlessly blend the two.

Meet the Contractor's Choice of Sprinkler Spray Heads: The Hunter Pros-04

Tackle residential and commercial watering with Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler heads. With a range of innovative features and a second-to-none body construction, you'll achieve fantastic results, thanks to its high degree of flexibility, strength, and reliability.

The Pros-04 has a pop-up height of 4" (10 cm). This pop-up sprinkler head is designed to supply a continuous stream of water to evenly distribute it throughout the contours of the landscaping. It's an extremely popular sprinkler head type because of its straightforward capabilities and maintenance. A 4" model such as the Hunter Pro-04 is a great option to provide sufficient grass clearance. The height also compensates for the inevitable fact that most sprinkler heads tend to sink in the ground slightly.

With your Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler head, you can increase your watering efficiency and cover quite the distance!

More About Hunter Pro-Spray Series

Hunter's Pro-Spray product line is the strongest spray body available in the irrigation industry—designed, built, and proven to stand up to even the toughest challenges. The Pro-Spray product line includes various models that will fit a wide variety of applications, from residential lawns to commercial parks.

Hunter spray heads, specifically the Hunter Pros-04, works with any standard female nozzles offering you need, from fixed spray nozzles to adjustable arc spray nozzles to rotator nozzles.

This highly engineered product line consists of the black cap, non-pressure regulated Pro-Spray, the Hunter Pros-04; the brown cap with an in-stem regulator at 30 PSI; and the grey cap with an in-stem regulator at 40 PSI. This selection allows you to have total control regarding your project needs and how you'd like to fulfill them. Your decision may also be based upon factors like soil types, soil conditions, and other water requirements for your particular application.

Innovative Spray Engineering
The Pro-Spray sprinkler heads are engineered with a rugged body and cap design, molded with extra thick ABS plastic to ensure it's the strongest spray available.

Co-Molded Wiper Seal
The heart of the spray is a co-molded riser wiper seal that takes sprinkler head engineering to the next, innovative level.

Pro-Spray risers consist of two types of chemical and chlorine-resistant materials co-molded together: a black ABS plastic to provide strength and a white soft-flex seal to ensure the design is leak-free.

A co-molded seal of double material can handle day-to-day operations and still withstand harsh conditions, like winterization or surge pressure going through the spray. This pressure-activated, multi-function wiper seal also reduces flow-by, operates at low pressures, and allows more sprinkler heads to be installed on the same zone.

What's more, the co-molded design prevents debris from entering into the seal, reducing riser stick-ups.

Industry's Strongest Spray Body
With a rugged body cap and seal, the Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler head is engineered so strong, the body will not leak, even if the cap is loosened halfway. This durable, reliable construction prevents accidental leaks that can happen below ground— often going undetected. When you make the switch to Hunter Pro-04 body, you'll ensure the water always sprays to the nozzle and never leaks, saving you time, money, and resources.

With the industry's most heavy-duty body, you can also guarantee your Pro-Spray will hold up against harsh environments like rigorous foot traffic or the abuses of heavy machinery.

Reliable Seal Design
Thanks to its seal design, the Pro-Spray withstands more than one complete 360-degree turn and remains sealed at any pressure. This feature is especially useful in instances where pedestrian traffic, landscaping equipment, and temperature changes can cause the body caps to loosen.

Easy To Use Features
What's more about hunter spray heads, the Pro-Spray series has the easiest-to-use ratcheting riser that allows for the alignment of adjustable nozzles once installed.

The two-piece ratcheting system locks into place after adjustment, so there's no chance of any nozzle walking. It's essential that the nozzle stays in place as adjusted, so having this locking feature makes it incredibly easy to keep the nozzle tight and secure, even after repeated usages.

Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler heads such as the black cap, non-pressure regulated Pro-Spray, comes in many sizes so you can tackle any application.

Discover More from Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of water- and energy-efficient solutions designed for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. Their highly efficient, innovative line of irrigation products helps industry professionals excel at any sized project in any application, thanks to their irrigation valves, spray sprinklers, controllers, and rotary nozzles.

You can discover more professional-grade res/com sprinklers and spray heads from Hunter Industries to ensure your irrigation system works reliably and productively for years to come.

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Whether that starts with a Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler head or another one of our res/com sprinkler products, we're here to help you achieve seamless irrigation and save you time, energy, and money.

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