Hunter - MP3000 Series - 22' to 30' Rotator - Gray
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Hunter - MP3000 Series - 22' to 30' Rotator - Gray

SKU: MP3000-360

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  • Sold Individually. Manufacturer Pack Size = 200. Pallet Size = 32000
  • Superior Efficiency - Multiple rotating streams provide excellent uniformity
  • Matched Precipitation - Automatic matched precipitation even after arc and radius adjustment
  • Minimal Runoff - Low precipitation rate reduces runoff on slopes and tight soils
  • Superior Dirt Tolerance - "Double-pop" flushes on start-up and shut-down
  • Simple and Quick Adjustments - Easy arc adjustment, easy radius adjustment up to 25%, no nozzle to change

Hunter MP3000 Rotator- The Most Trusted High-Efficiency Solution on the Market

The Hunter MP Rotator is a high-efficiency multi-stream nozzle that is a breakthrough solution in irrigation technology, enabling levels of conservation that are increasingly necessary.

Get the Smarter, Faster, and Better Choice for High-Efficiency Irrigation

The revolutionary MP Rotator features a unique, multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system that achieves water-conserving results. Rather than simply spray water onto landscapes, MP Rotators deliver multiple streams of water at a slow, steady rate. This slower application rate allows water to gently soak into the soil and achieves an even distribution throughout the area being irrigated rather than worrying about runoff on slopes. This increased efficiency results in 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays and significantly reduces wasteful runoff. The MP Rotator can be installed onto any conventional spray head body or shrub adapter, transforming them into high uniformity, low precipitation rate sprinklers with matched precipitation at any arc and any radius.

The MP Rotators are a great choice for new systems, as they provide immense range flexibility (from 5’ strip to 35’ radius), decrease material costs, and provide better system efficiency. MPs are also perfect for revitalizing older systems—a retrofit can solve low pressure and poor coverage problems.

Additional Features:

Automatic Matched Precipitation - The MP Rotator® has the unique ability to control the amount of water flowing through the nozzle at various arc and radius settings, resulting in matched precipitation regardless of the nozzle setting.

Double-Pop - The MP Rotator's nozzle pops up from its protected position only after the riser is fully extended, providing superior defense against dirt and debris.

Distribution Uniformity - The various streams of the MP Rotator allow it to evenly target all areas of the landscape, yielding superior uniformity over traditional spray nozzles. Each stream targets specific areas to achieve higher efficiency and even coverage.

Low Precipitation Rate - The standard MP Rotator line applies water at 0.4"/HR, while the MP800 Series has a precipitation rate of 0.8"/HR. Either choice will avoid runoff, saving water and preventing erosion.

Simple and Secure Adjustments by Hand- Easily adjustable arc with the MP Tool or by hand. The arc can only be adjusted when the nozzle is running, which prevents any worry of future misalignment due to landscape equipment or vandalism. Radius can also be modified with the MP Tool or a slotted screwdriver for up to 25% radius reduction.

Faster Installation & Lower System Costs- More heads on one zone means fewer valves, less pipe, and less wire. And the reduced materials mean less labor needed for trenching and installation. These benefits all add up to significant savings in both time and money for you and your clients.

Faster Troubleshooting for Low-Pressure Systems- If available system pressure drops due to new construction or pressure fluctuations, the MP Rotator can be installed to get the system pressure back up with even better irrigation coverage. The low flow rates of the MP Rotator result in less pressure loss through the pipe, which increases the available pressure for the system. Instead of cutting in another valve or two, replace your sprays with MP Rotators for a fast and easy fix.

Operating Specifications:

Recommended operating pressure - 40 PSI

See How Hunter MP Rotators Stack Up Against the Common Competition

Spoiler- There is no comparison. On every level, the Hunter MP Rotator blows the competitors out of the water. The MP Rotator beats the competition in debris resistance, surge testing, and accuracy. Simply put, the MP Rotator is the all-around choice for optimal functionality.

The double-pop feature of the MP Rotator protects the nozzle from debris. Competitor nozzles have open orifices that clog after just a few cycles, so you have to flush the sprinkler to ensure operation. With the MP Rotator, you can count on a worry-free system. Install the best and benefit from happier clients and fewer callbacks.

Another concern with traditional spray heads is the inadequate coverage. These sprays can create dry spots, flooding, and runoff. Due to the lack of uniformity, overwatering is the only way to ensure that the driest areas get enough water to keep the landscape green.

The rate of water delivery is also a factor. Traditional sprays disperse water at about 1.6"/HOUR, causing flooding and leading to runoff. Typical soils just can’t absorb water that quickly.

The MP Rotator is the most efficient water-saving nozzle available, perfect for retrofitting older systems, and great for new installations. It has been recognized by rebate programs throughout the world and has consistently improved landscape health. Along with its reliable design, these reasons have made the MP Rotator one of the most sought-after products in the irrigation industry.

Explore More Options Under the Hunter MP Rotator Family

One size may not fit all, but Reinders is proud to carry various Hunter MP Rotator options to help you find that perfect match. Having two matched precipitation rates across two MP Rotator families with the widest radius range in the industry provides precise control over system design and water management. Having the correct precipitation rate for your soil type, slope, and plant material minimize runoff and ensures peak performance. Choose the best product for your unique landscape needs.

Trust the Difference of Hunter Industry Products in All Your Irrigation Projects

Rest easy knowing that you’re investing in products with over a decade of proven performance behind them. Hunter Industries is a family-owned global company with products that can be seen everywhere, from residential landscapes to stadiums, national landmarks, theme parks, city parks, commercial complexes, hotels, and municipal buildings around the world. Whether you're from New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris, Moscow, or Cairo, the odds are you've probably encountered a Hunter product somewhere along the way.

They put their products to the test to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Built on innovation, they’re constantly designing products with professionals and homeowners in mind. They are committed to manufacturing top-quality products that use only the water and energy needed to get the job done efficiently. So not only are you investing in a system that is dependable and durable, but you will also find that projects using Hunter are smart, resourceful, and responsible all around. Hunter is the leading manufacturer of irrigation products designed to promote sustainability. They believe green spaces are an integral part of a healthy urban environment. That’s why they’ve created a full spectrum of products that have been tested and proven to deliver efficient irrigation for any size outdoor space, anywhere in the world.

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Not only is well stocked to supply you with everything you need for the projects your team takes on from start to finish, but our trained and trusted professionals are here to assist you in making sure you’re satisfied with your purchases. From planning through maintenance, we can help ensure that you’re getting the right items for each application. We trust that our attention to detail will keep you a loyal Reinders customer, and we love knowing we were able to make your job that much easier. We make it simple to find the best in every product you need at the competitive pricing you expect. Our dedication to our customers sets us apart, and we know you’ll love the Reinders difference. Contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help.