Blazing - 1/2" MPT Lateral Line Drain

Blazing - 1/2" MPT Lateral Line Drain
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Blazing - 1/2" MPT Lateral Line Drain

SKU: HP2000
  • Manufacturer pack size: 25/Bag
  • Gradual drainage avoids soggy patches
  • Turbulent flushing action™ with every on/off cycle
  • Washer raises up and water is gradually released

The professional's choice for protection against freeze damage.

Increase system quality and peace of mind. Allows water to gradually drain when system is off, protecting against freeze damage.

  • Patented recessed wicking pad protects against rocks and roots.
  • Patented wings for easy, comfortable installation.
  • Patented rubber gasket design on line drains, swing pipe elbow drains and Siphon Drain™
  • Patented valve provides Turbulent Flushing Action™ with every on/off cycle.
  • Also includes Dirt-Stopper Screen™ and easy-install wings.

Exclusive patented rubber gasket washer drains more gradually than competing drains:

  • As the irrigation system is pressurized, the rubber washer pushes down and shuts off water flow through drain.
  • When the irrigation system pressure is off, the rubber washer raises up and water is gradually released.
  • Released water passes through the patented recessed wicking pad as the soil and plant material absorb the water. The recessed wicking pad - non-woven polyester - protects the drain from rocks and roots.


  • Withstands 1500 PSI of Static Pressure
  • Do Not Use Pipe Dope During Assembly (Thread Tape Only)
  • Rubber Washer Seals Above 10-15 PSI
  • Rubber Washer Releases Below 10-15 PSI
  • No Gravel Pit Required to Aid Drainage
  • Made of High Grade ABS Material
  • Mount on a 45˚ Angle for Best Results