Harco - 4" X 4" X 4" Ductile Iron IPS Tee - Gskt x Gskt x Gskt

Harco - 4" X 4" X 4" Ductile Iron IPS Tee - Gskt x Gskt x Gskt
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Harco - 4" X 4" X 4" Ductile Iron IPS Tee - Gskt x Gskt x Gskt

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Fittings Designed for Ductility and Reliability
Harco’s DI push-on joint fittings are designed to offer the best possible balance of strength, ductility, impact, and corrosion resistance. Fittings are manufactured for ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12 ductile iron with a tensile strength of 65,000 psi. These fittings are designed for use on IPS PVC pipe and steel pipe in underground water mains, irrigation systems, and sewer force mains.

Ductile Iron fittings provide greater strength for underground PVC piping systems than either PVC or epoxy-coated steel fittings.
Ductile iron is produce by adding magnesium allow to molten iron. The magnesium causes the flake-form graphite to assume a spheroidal shape. This change in the carbon structure results in a far stronger, tougher ductile material than cast iron while retaining superior corrosion properties. Harco fittings are pressure rated at 350 PSI. They are cast of ductile iron with 65,000 PSI tensile strength and a wall thickness of 0.31"". 
This high strength capacity is vital in withstanding the critical cyclical surges and high mechanical stresses present in golf course irrigation systems. This high strength is especially important on systems utilizing the new computer controllers which can create additional surge pressures.

Superior Corrosion Resistance Makes Ductile Cast Iron and Cast Iron Last and Last
In ductile and cast iron, corrosion resistance is created from a layer of insoluble graphite that is formed from initial corrosion that becomes a protective barrier against additional corrosion attack. Th is phenomenon is the reason that ductile iron and cast iron has such longevity in direct bury application in the majority of soils.

Harco’s Patented Restraint Lug System Keeps Fittings Together 
Harco developed a special patented system of lugs and restraint rings. Restraint lugs designed to withstand over 10,000 LBS pull per lug are cast on the bells on the horizontal centerline of all fittings. The system provides positive restraint of Small End Bell (SEB) reducers, flange adapters and plugs to other fittings, and prevents separation of the assembled fittings.
The restraint rings are also designed to carrythe extreme full load of a restrained plug at 350 PSI pressure. Lugs allowfittings to be tied to valves and hydrants with the use of Harco restraint rods. Lugs on the bends provide pinch bar points for quick and easy push-on assembly.

Deep Bells with Gasketed Joints Simplify Installation and Eliminate Problems
Harco’s push-on joint design provides for a deep socket bell toaccommodate the expansion and contraction of a PVC piping system. The design incorporates a massive gasket in a square groove to prevent roll out and fish mouths. All fittings are designed to work directly on IPS size pipes — without the problems of using transition gaskets.
The push-on joint allows easy, all-weather installation for bottletype joints every time. Th e joint assembles exactly like the pipe joints, eliminating all the potential errors that solvent cement voids, incorrect procedures, and inclement weather can cause.