FX - LE Series Downlight
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FX - LE Series Downlight

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The LE is a hanging Down Light designed to illuminate a space from above without the need for a large mount. Its simple hook design allows it to gently, yet securely hang from a wide variety of locations such as tree branches or table umbrellas. With the four included color filters, the installer can accomplish essential functions without sacrificing ambiance.

The most natural form of lighting is created by positioning a light source high above the garden and diffusing the light down through the leaves, which creates graceful shadow patterns and a low level even ambient illumination. The lighting fixtures must be installed high in the tree and angled out no more than 30° from vertical for best effect.

To disguise the moonlight fixture location, specify a highlight fixture to fill in the canopy understory, thereby balancing the effect. Typically, the weakest implementation of moonlighting comes from the equipment's lack of adequate glare control, which creates an annoying hot spot focus in the tree, thereby distracting the viewer's attention from the subtle glow on the ground plane. Good plants to moonlight include those with semi-transparent foliage such as Platnus acerifolia, Salix babylonia or Schinus molle however, if laced, Quercus, Pinus and other dense foliage trees moonlight well.

  • Compatible with Luxor technology
  • Phase and PWM dimmable
  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Two-layer marine-grade anodization and powder coat finish