FX - JB Series Downlight - Flat White
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FX - JB Series Downlight - Flat White

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Downlighting can draw attention to small garden details such as works of art, unique boulders, or topiary. Typically, a highlight effect is specified which, although dramatic, is predictable. Look for the opportunity to showcase accents through the use of downlighting, silhouetting, or shadowing. Trees, trellises and eaves make excellent platforms from which to downlight. By combining a remote light source with a very narrow beam pattern, an accent is embellished without an apparent source of light-further adding to the enchanting mood a well designed lighting system creates.

The JB is FX Luminaires original LED Down Light. The JB solves the problem of changing lamps in complicated areas by providing long-life LEDs. The pure color of the LED allows you to add the supplied blue lens to create a natural moonlight effect.

  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Two-layer marine-grade anodization and powder coat finish
  • Phase and PWM dimmable
  • Compatible with Luxor technology
  • Includes fixture, specified LED board, filters