NDS - Porous Filter Fabric Wrap for Flo-Well

NDS - Porous Filter Fabric Wrap for Flo-Well
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NDS - Porous Filter Fabric Wrap for Flo-Well

  • Early order special - 5% discount if paid within 30 days of invoice or net 60 days. Approved Reinders accounts only. Minimum order of $500 - orders must ship not later than 10/31.

Flo-Well manufactured dry well presents an easy to install and sustainable solution for stormwater runoff. Used independently or as part of a larger stormwater management system, Flo-Well units collect, retain, and discharge stormwater on-site, offering a gravel-free alternative to a traditional dry well. Units are modular and can be connected in series or stacked to meet a variety of project needs. Manufactured from 100% recycled materials, Drywell System fabric surrounds your Flo-Well. Fabric allows water to leach through and into the soil. While it keeps debris and other larger particulates inside or outside the well.

Features Include:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • Flow Through: 200 GPM
  • Mullen Burst: 175 PSI