Rain Bird - 12 Station Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller

Rain Bird - 12 Station Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller
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Rain Bird - 12 Station Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller

  • The easiest to use commercial controller.
  • Simple, Three-Step Programming. Get the job done easier with the ESP-LX Basic Controller.
  • Two Languages, One Dial. English and Spanish on one simple dial.
  • Larger Station Count. 12 stations out of the box, expandable to 48.
  • The most popular and useful irrigation options for commercial and large residential sites.

The ESP-LX Basic Controller offers basic irrigation programming options you need for commercial sites. The simple dial makes programming the controller straightforward, and easy-to-understand menu options guide you through set-up.  The ESP-LX Basic is the first controller to offer both English and Spanish on one dial.

With 48-station capacity, four independent programs and up to eight start times for each station the ESP-LX Basic offers flexible scheduling options.  Basic water management features such as Cycle+Soak™, seasonal adjust, station delay, and SimulStations™ are available to meet unique site requirements.

  • 12 station modular controller, expandable up to 48 stations
  • Simple dial and easy-to-understand menu options for easy programming
  • The most popular and useful irrigation options for commercial and large residential sites
  • English and Spanish on one dial
  • Hot-swappable expansion modules
  • 4 independent programs and up to 8 start times for flexible scheduling
  • Advanced water management features to help lower your water bill
  • Requires controller electrical pigtail for power connection (sold separately)

The ESP-LX Basic provides flexible features and modular options that make the controller ideal for a wide variety of applications including lightcommercial, commercial, and industrial irrigation systems. Modular options include modular station capacity, metal case and pedestal. These options are field installed and can upgrade and enhance the ESP-LX Basic at any time in the future.

Easy to Use
The ESP-LX Basic Controller utilizes the Rain Bird ESP Extra-Simple Programming user interface. The dial, switches, and buttons interface which Rain Bird first introduced in the early 1990’s is easy to learn and use and has become a standard controller interface for the irrigation industry. The large LCD display incorporates softkey text labels for the button functions rather than dedicated buttons.
Dual language support allows the end-user or maintenance personnel to interface with the controller in English or Spanish. A simple turn of the dial changes the language: the right side being English and the left side Spanish. Date, time and unit formats are also configurable.

Easy to Install
The ESP-LX Basic Controller has a spacious case and quick-connect terminals making installation fast and easy. Multiple size wiring knockouts are provided on the bottom and back side of the case to adapt to a wide variety of wiring applications. The door and front panel are removable so the case can be easily mounted to the wall. 

Controller Hardware

  • Plastic, locking, UV resistant, wall-mount case
  • Optional Metal Case & Pedestal
  • 12-station base unit expandable to 48 stations with 4-, 8-, & 12-Station Modules

Controller Features

  • Large LCD display with easy to navigate softkey user interface
  • Hot-swappable modules, no need to power down the controller to add/remove modules
  • Dynamic station numbering eliminates station numbering gaps
  • Weather Sensor input with override switch
  • Master valve/pump start circuit
  • English or Spanish language with a simple turn of the dial
  • Non-Volatile (100- year) program memory
  • Standard 10kV surge protection
  • Front panel is removable and programmable under battery power
  • Compatible with Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation and Maintenance Remote

Water Management Features

  • SimulStations™ are programmable to allow up to 2 stations to operate at the same time
  • Water Windows by program
  • Cycle+Soak™ by station
  • Rain Delay
  • Programmable Station Delay by program
  • Normally Closed Master Valve programmable by station
  • Weather Sensor programmable by station to prevent or pause watering
  • Program Seasonal Adjust
  • Global Monthly Seasonal Adjust

Diagnostic Features

  • Alarm light with external case lens
  • Electronic diagnostic circuit breaker
  • Program summary and review
  • Variable test program
  • RASTER™ station wiring test 

Operating Specifications

  • Station timing: 0 min to 12 hrs
  • Seasonal Adjust; 0% to 300% (16 hrs maximum station run time)
  • 4 independent programs (ABCD)
  • ABCD programs can overlap
  • 8 start times per program
  • Program Day Cycles include Custom days of the week, Odd, Odd31, Even, & Cyclical dates
  • Manual station, program, test program Electrical Specifications
  • Input required: 120 VAC ± 10%, 60Hz
  • Output: 26.5 VAC 1.9A
  • Power back-up: Lithium coin-cell battery maintains time and date while nonvolatile memory maintains the programming
  • Multi-valve capacity: Maximum five 24 VAC, 7VA solenoid valves simultaneous operation including the master valve, maximum two solenoid valves per station


  • UL, CUL, CE, CSA, C-Tick, FCC Part 15 Dimensions


  • Width: 14.32 in. (36,4 cm)
  • Height:12.69 in. (32,2 cm)
  • Depth: 5.50 in. (14,0 cm)