Envirotech - AMP Salt Brine Enhancer - 275 GAL TOTE
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Envirotech - AMP Salt Brine Enhancer - 275 GAL TOTE


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  • Priced by the Gallon - Must order in QTY of 275

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  • Decreases the bonding strength for easy snow removal
  • Increases friction of roads for a tighter tire grip
  • Faster melting performance to ice and snow
  • Flexible rates of use depending on user needs
  • Enhanced liquid formula used in colder temperatures
  • Provides a clean application with little or no odor
  • Apply directly to the surfaces

AMP is a liquid inhibitor, salt brine enhancer, and breakthrough in deicing technology. AMP increases how effectively the product bonds to the surface and creates safer road conditions. It also boosts melting power by lowering the product’s freezing point (1:1) from 18℉ to 11℉, and decreases corrosion by 70% as compared to rock salt.

Superior Road Defense

When salt brine is used to pretreat roads alone, it dries out and does not stick to the road’s surface. Wind and traffic can easily sweep it away from the surface. When AMP is added to salt brine, it bonds to roads in the most severe weather conditions.

Corrosion Protection

AMP exceeds the PNS specifications for corrosion protection and provides a safer driving surface than the standard 23% salt brine. Our formula reduced corrosion by greater than 70% compared to standard rock salt.

High-Performance Solution

The unique liquid composition of AMP disrupts the bonding of hard ice crystals and creates a softer ice. The disruption to the bond allows for a tighter connection between the road and tires making a safer and smoother drive. The faster melting performance allows more time in between treatments, making AMP the more cost-effective solution.