Dow - Snapshot 2.5 TG Specialty Pre Emergent Herbicide - 50 LB Bag
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Dow - Snapshot 2.5 TG Specialty Pre Emergent Herbicide - 50 LB Bag

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  • Controls more broadleaf and grassy weeds in more ornamentals than any other preemergent herbicide
  • Provides excellent plant tolerance and long-lasting broad-spectrum control
  • Bonds tightly with soil particles and is low in water solubility, so it won't move out of the application zone
  • Flexible application schedule — can be applied in early spring, late summer to early fall or immediately after cultivation

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Snapshot Herbicide Works Around the Clock to Provide Broad Spectrum Control

Get around-the-clock weed control with Snapshot specialty herbicide. Snapshot pre-emergent controls and suppresses up to 125 broadleaf weeds and annual grasses! Keep landscapes and container-and field-grown nursery ornamentals weed-free for up to six to eight months.

Suppress Over 125 Broadleaf Weeds and 635 Ornamentals with Snapshot Weed Control

Snapshot specialty herbicide is your go-to product for disrupting weed seed germination, using active ingredients Trifluralin and Isoxaben to ensure the seedlings die before breaking the soil’s surface. You can ensure unwanted, pesky weeds do not fully germinate and invade the rest of your landscaping by killing and controlling weeds before they pop up from underneath the ground.

Snapshot pre-emergent provides excellent plant tolerance and long-lasting, broad-spectrum weed control to landscapers and contractors alike. With broad-spectrum weed control, Snapshot weed killer is formulated to deliver maximum performance by quickly killing a wide variety (broad list) of weeds and grasses in an area.

How to Use Snapshot Herbicide
Snapshot herbicide label works in pre-emergent applications. It’s helpful to distinguish between the two main types of weed control (pre-emergent versus post-emergent) since they differ slightly in terms of their purpose.

  • Pre-Emergent Herbicides- Pre-emergent weed control allows you to prevent weeds from sprouting and popping up from underneath the ground. Since Snapshot Tenacity acts as a pre-emergent herbicide, it will kill weeds before the seed sprouts as temperatures begin to warm, usually in early spring.
  • Post-Emergent Herbicides- Post-emergent herbicides kill weeds that have already sprouted.  Because Tenacity herbicide acts as post-emergent weed control, it will ensure that pesky plants will not spread and invade the rest of your grass. It’s best to use a post-emergent anytime between the spring and fall months.

Weed and Grass Species Affected by Snapshot Herbicide
Control and suppress more than 125 broadleaf weeds and annual grasses with Snapshot! Check out some specific weed and grass species affected by Snapshot’s pre-emergent formulation below.

  • Bluegrass
  • Clover
  • Chickweed
  • Crabgrass
  • Foxtail
  • Plantain
  • Ragweed
  • Ryegrass
  • Thistle
  • Spurge
  • See label for a complete listing of weeds controlled.

What’s more, Snapshot herbicide can be used over the top of more than 635 labeled ornamentals, including but not limited to landscape ornamentals, Christmas tree plantations, container-grown ornamentals, field-grown ornamentals, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, and non-bearing vineyards.

For Use On:

  • Landscape Ornamentals
  • Christmas Tree Plantations
  • Container Grown Ornamentals
  • Field Grown Ornamentals
  • Non-Bearing Fruit and Nut Trees
  • Non-Bearing Vineyards


2.3-4.6 LBS/1,000 SQ FT (100-200 LBS/ACRE)

Apply Snapshot 2.5 TG any time prior to germination of target weeds, or immediately after cultivation. Length of weed control will vary with rate of Snapshot 2.5 TG applied, weed population, potting media or soil conditions, temperature, watering regime, and other factors. Following application, user should monitor and observe level of weed control over time to determine when additional applications may be needed.

Apply Snapshot 2.5 TG using a drop or rotary-type spreader designed to apply granular herbicides or insecticides. Calibrate application equipment prior to use according to manufacturer’s directions. Check frequently to be sure equipment is working properly and distributing granules uniformly. Do not use spreaders that apply material in narrow concentrated bands. Avoid skips or overlaps as poor weed control or crop injury may occur. More uniform application may be achieved by spreading half of the required amount of product over the area and then applying the remaining half in swaths at right angles to the first.

  • When using a drop-type spreader, a splashboard mounted under the hopper will provide more even granule distribution.
  • A chain fastened to the side of the spreader and allowed to drag on the soil surface can be used to mark the edge of the treated swath and help prevent skips or overlaps.
  • For treating smaller areas or rows of nursery stock or ornamental beds, a hand held or push-type rotary applicator such as a whirlybird or cyclone unit is recommended. For hand held units, walk and turn the crank at a constant rate of speed.
  • A shaker-type applicator made from a small container with holes punched in the bottom is recommended for small, difficult to treat areas. Carefully measure the amount of product needed to avoid over application.
  • The weight-to-volume conversion table on the label provides equivalent amounts of Snapshot 2.5.
  • Activate with at least 1/2" rainfall or irrigation - Snapshot bonds tightly with soil particles and is low in water solubility, so it won't move out of the application zone.
  • Rainfall or irrigation should occur within 3 days for optimal results
  • See Label for complete application instructions.

Repeat applications at 150 LBS/ACRE and higher should not be made sooner than 60 days after a previous application of Snapshot 2.5 TG. Do not apply over 600 LBS/ACRE total of Snapshot 2.5 TG within a 12-month period.


To avoid possible injury, do not apply Snapshot 2.5 TG to:

  • Nursery, forest, or Christmas tree: seedling beds, cutting beds, or transplant beds.
  • Nursery seedbeds or forest or Christmas tree seedling transplant beds.
  • Unrooted liners or cuttings that have been planted in pots for the first time.
  • Pots less than 4” wide.
  • Bedding plants or areas where bedding plants will be planted or transplanted within 1 year following application.
  • Groundcovers until they are established and well root.

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