Mitchell - DewCure Moisture Supressant

Mitchell - DewCure Moisture Supressant
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Mitchell - DewCure Moisture Supressant

  • Suppress dew and moisture accumulation
  • Faster drying following rain or irrigation
  • Moisture management to reduce disease pressure
  • Pretreatment for aerification and topdressing
  • Drier playing conditions for tournament play
  • Light frost control

DewCure is a long lasting moisture control product specifically formulated to prevent the accumulation of surface moisture on turfgrass including dew, guttation and frost. Additionally, DewCure reduces the time required for leaf drying following rainfall, irrigation and light frost. DewCure is ideal for use on any turf where dry foliage is desired. Because DewCure forms a water-resistant coating on the leaf surface, mowing frequency and rate of new leaf emergence may influence the duration of moisture suppression.

Active Ingredient: Oxirane-methyloxirane

For use on:

  • Warm and Cool Turfgrasses
  • Golf Course Greens, Tees, Fairways
  • Athletic Fields
  • Any site where moisture control is desired

Weeds Controlled

  • None


Directions for Use: Apply DewCure as a 1.5% volume/volume solution (equivalent to 1.5 GAL DewCure per 100 GAL of spray solution or 2 OZ DewCure per GAL of spray solution) at between one and two GALS of water/1000 SQ FT
DewCure is suitable for application whenever the use of spray equipment is practical. For best results, maintain constant agitation during application.

For most effective coverage:

  • Apply DewCure to dry turf.
  • Apply in sufficient water volume to fully cover leaves (i.e. 1 to 2 GALS of water/1000 SQ FT ).
  • Always maintain 1.5% v/v concentration regardless of water volume used to deliver the product (i.e. 2 oz DewCure in 1 GAL of water/1000 SQ FT or 4 OZ DewCure in 2 GALS of water/1000 SQ FT).
  • Apply when wind drift is minimal.
  • Standard flat fan nozzles have shown to be more effective than air-induction nozzles when applying DewCure.
  • Do not apply through irrigation system.
  • The minimum re-treatment interval is 14 days.
  • Allow spray to dry thoroughly before rain or irrigation to ensure rainfastness.

See Label for complete application instructions.


  • Do not apply to turf growing in saturated soil conditions or when such conditions can be expected (i.e. poorly drained, anaerobic, etc.).
  • Do not apply to dormant Poa annua or Poa annua entering dormancy.
  • Avoid overlap.
  • Maintain agitation during application.
  • Do not store spray solution overnight.
  • Overexposure causes eye irritation, excessive watering, redness
  • Overexposure to skin may cause itching and redness
  • Harmful if swallowed. May cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
  • Wear approved eye protection and clothing
  • Keep out of reach of children

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