Cryotech -  CMA Commercial - 55 LB Bag
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Cryotech - CMA Commercial - 55 LB Bag

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  • Less corrosive than tap water
  • Can be used on new concrete (dependent on quality), cured for at least 30 days
  • Excellent inhibitor, reducing chloride corrosion
  • Readily biodegradable, low toxicity
  • Safer for pets than sodium chloride
  • Can be used straight or mixed with salt, with sand, or as a liquid
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Cryotech CMA® solid commercial deicer is granulated calcium magnesium acetate, a patented chemical formulation from dolomitic lime and acetic acid. It is identified as a low corrosion, environmental alternative to road salt by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. CMA is used worldwide to answer environmental concerns and solve problems associated with corrosion and concrete spalling.

CMA is best used as a deicer, spread on the pavement after precipitation starts. Effective to the same temperatures as road salt, CMA has many unique performance characteristics. CMA can be used to offset the corrosive effects of chlorides while enhancing deicing performance when blended with road salt at rates greater than 20% CMA by weight.

Safest deicer for concrete, chloride free. Works best above 20°F. Long lasting, readily biodegradable, requires fewer applications than other common deicers. Can be used straight or mixed with salt, sand or as a liquid. Safe for pets, biodegrades to carbon dioxide and water.


  • Works best above 20°F (-7°C) 
  • Has long lasting effect, better than chloride salts or urea
  • Breaks/inhibits bond between snow/ice and pavement making snow/ice easier to remove 
  • Creates some brine and a dry, oatmeal-like consistency with snow for improved traction


  • Biodegrades to carbon dioxide and water • Safe for vegetation
  • Calcium and magnesium increase soil permeability and are soil amendments
  • Low toxicity to aquatic species
  • Poor mobility in soil, unlikely to reach groundwater
  • Safe for groundwater concerns
  • Does not contain nitrogen or chlorides


  • Apply early in the storm to prevent snow/ice bonding
  • First application: Commercial = 15-20 lbs/1000ft² (75-100 g/m²) Highway = 300-400 lbs/lane mile (20-40 g/m²)
  • Allow time for CMA to penetrate and loosen the snow/ice pack before removing snow/ice
  • Re-apply when new snow/ice accumulation shows first tendency to bond


  • May be stored if kept dry
  • Avoid excess moisture which may cause caking
  • Excessive handling may cause dustiness