Blazing - 1" X Drip Barb Saddle

Blazing - 1" X Drip Barb Saddle
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Blazing - 1" X Drip Barb Saddle

SKU: BS9999
  • Manufacturer pack size: 25/Pack, 250Case

1" X Drip Barb Saddle

No Clamping, Coring, or Cutting Required

  • The Blazing Saddle cuts out clamping, coring, and cutting. Less digging required for installation “ you only need a hole 8³ in diameter to the pipe to install. Reduce the costs of labor, training, tools, glue and primer. Theres no easier or more efficient way to tap pipe to install a sprinkler head. You can forget all the cumbersome aspects of insert fittings and get the job done faster.

Optimal Sprinkler Head Flow

  • The Blazing Saddles unique design delivers optimal flow to each sprinkler head. The tap delivers more than 7 gallons per minute at 40 PSI and 12 GP at 60 PSI. And theres no problem with flow restriction: On 1³ polyethylene pipe, there is less head loss than with a standard insert fitting; on PVC pipe, the Blazing Saddles contribution to head loss is equivalent to only 3 feet of plain pipe.

Blazing Saddle from Blazing Products on Vimeo.


  • Blazing Saddles are made of high impact ABS and contain no metal or chloride like other fittings on the market making them the most eco-friendly fitting.

Technical Information

  • For use on any manufacturers 3/4³ to 1 1/2³ 80#, 100#, or 160# Poly and class 100 or 120 PVC pipe.


  • Tested to pressures over 400 PSI and put through vigorous on/off cycling in excess of 250,000 cycles, Blazing Saddles will last longer than the life of the irrigation system.